We were very disapointed in the way the manager handled our situation.We wanted to buy 1520 square feet of hardwood flooring.

We asked him if he could help us out in letting us keep the flooring at the store for a week, since we were going to close on our new home. He said if we did that And someone else came in and wanted to buy the floor that we paid for, he would have to sell it to them. We were buying allot of flooring. WE COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT HE WOULD DO THAT...........HE CAN'T DO THAT!




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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #751523

I will now give you the reasoning behind what the Manager did.I'm guessing you were making this purchase towards the end of the month or the end of the quarter.

Managers are told to push everything out the door. Sales only count for the store when they leave the building. The Regional Managers ride the store managers unmercifully about things like this. If you are wondering if the company cares about the customer the answer is no.

However no publicly traded retailer cares about the customer. They only care about counting the beans.

If this purchase was not being made during the above mentioned time frame then the issue was this. LL keeps the overhead low by keeping small staffs and and small buildings.

The warehouses they have are not big. If they hold even just one large order they run out of room real quick. I used to tell customers in your situation to come back and make the purchase closer to when they would be able to take possession of the flooring. I would honor sale prices if that was the concern.

I got in a lot of trouble for doing these things.I didn't care because I knew in the long run a happy customer is a repeat customer that sends friends and family down.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #722421

The name says it all "Liquidators" they have no manufacture ties or allegances.......they just want to unload *** that is not selling.....they buy in bulk and sell cheap....you get what you get.


You are VERY, VERY Lucky!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #722185

The company has zero integrity, and they do not stand behind, or warrant their flooring. They pretend that they do, with a phony 30 year warranty, which includes a WHAT'S NOT COVERED clause, it translates to everything is not covered. I pray that you got your flooring from another company that is reputable!

Mamaroneck, New York, United States #672160

So you expected them to hold something for you for free, and deny a sale to someone that may have come in before you come back? That's not how a business operates or makes money. You should have went shopping when you actually had funds to pay for your purchases.

to stlrsfan Orlando, Florida, United States #673303


you missed the end of the consumers post, where she indicated that they were paying in full for the material.

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