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On 09/12/2013 we purchased a bamboo floor from Lumber Liquidators for just under $2,000. It was installed by their installer on 10/18/2013 - 10/19/2013.

We were told that it would be a one day install, which turned out to take two days after the installer left the first afternoon to go to another job. When he left the first day, I looked over what he had finished and found many chips, cracks and splinters in the boards. When he returned the next day, I asked about the problems I had found and was told that he could bring in a circular saw and cut out all the bad boards and glue replacements in. We would need to buy another case of boards and we decided against spending the time and expense plus having the inconvenience and mess all over again.

We are now looking for a nice big area rug to cover up most of the new floor's many problems.

I have seen many bamboo floors that were installed perfectly smooth without any chips or splinters so I know our job was very shoddy. Lumber Liquidators was recommended to us, but we will NOT be passing on any recommendations.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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LL Response to poor installation:

Not a good situation and the remedy here is to be involved from the beginning and oversee the work so that any board issues can be corrected before the floor becomes completely installed. This rings true no matter where you shop because the contractor is often an affiliate installer, not a direct employee of the company. Quality control is ultimately a customer’s role because some boards chosen may not be of your liking and you should keep such important decisions your own to make, not those of the installer. You have an installation warranty and it sounds like you should contact The Home Service Store so they can look into the issues you highlighted as a concern. We're happy to assist you by calling 800-366-4204 _ LL Customer Care. We appreciate you letting us know there's been a concern we need to correct.

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