purchased 650 square feet of prefinished flooring. After 2 months the wood began to crack and split everywhere it was installed!

It is actually splintering in some places. Called the company numerous times and was told to follow proper procedures by sending pictures and they would send a rep to inspect and decide if it was the flooring. Hmmm,as with every complaint I read with this company they seem to do the same thing to everyone. One month later they send me a letter blaming it on humidity (ok really) and installation and refuse to replace the flooring and repay for install.

Well, I live in New england, I have heat in the winter and air conditioning in summer, so I guess that no one in new england should have hardwood flooring??? After checking the NHFA site, I found that this is caused by wood products that are overdryed and improperly milled, not environmental or install error!!! They still refuse to pay up and warranty this product! I now have to retain a Lawyer to try to get back my money on the garbage they sold me!

Horrible company selling cheap products and they do not care about it either! Buyer Beware!

Never buy from this company, should have looked before, but thought they would be a reputable company since they are everywhere! Can anyone help here!!!!

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Wheatland, Wyoming, United States #587601

We purchased golden teak hardwood and spent 10,000 having it installed by a bonded installer. It has shrunk and cracked throughout my home.

It is unbelievable. I posted on LL website and was finally contacted after we had gone throught "the proper channels". It took an unflattering post to get a response. They paid for thier inspecter to come who wrote a report siting low humidity and failure to cull bad pieces as the fault of the floor.

Seriously, the guy was an ***. The pieces looked FINE until a month after installation. We have a humidifier on our furnace. LL should tell people that if you live in the Western US, you should not buy hardwood, at least not from them.

We spent 10,000 and our floor continues to worsen after a year.

They are a terrible compnay.


ALL PEOPLE getting ripped off by LL.Have your own Humidity test done before they send someone out.If the test comes out normal and there result comes out in there favor then i would contact the Attorney General!


:cry :eek 8) :zzz :x :( :? :roll :p ;) :grin :)


GEEZ!! People...

get a proffessional inspection done, just because someone installs floors does not make them an expert.

there are several reasons for the failure of wood floors. Call the NWFA "national wood flooring association" it will cost you money to have this done but will hold up in the court of law.


Wow, reading the complaint and response is like de ja vu. I, too, have been dealing with LL.

They didn't even send someone to the location of installation before blaming the qualified & licensed installer as well as the homeowner. I don't know which product you purchased, but I can say that the product I purchased is definitely not thw quality the product description on their website represents. If a product is not going to hold up to New England conditions, don't sell the product in New England!!

I wish you the best of luck in your case. With the number of complaints I'm seeing, it is clear I am not alone in my frustration with LL.


I may add these are not just end splits...the flooring is actually splitting in the MIDDLE throughout my home, to the point of splintering!! I have wood on my deck outside, exposed to all weather that has never done this!!

The finish is splitting upwards as the board does.

Some pieces will eventually crack off and even my swiffer sticks to them!! This is NOT environmental as the installer took great care to check the "humidity" and other conditions needed to maintain flooring or he would have had to refuse to install.


well LL, I HAVE contacted Lumber Liquidators and DID receive a letter of denial from you. I HAVE had an in inspection done by whoever you sent, and also , the installer and a friend who works Moynihan Lumber.

I will PAY to have an expert installer come if need be and as a reputable company, you should have offered to us a replacement flooring from the start. I have pieces left over that were beautiful when they were installed, and NOW they are splitting!!! NEVER touched and maintained at the proper conditions as well. We DID read the warranty and for you to even suggest that I am too busy to maintain my flooring is absurd!

I take great care to properly maintain the home conditions to protect my HARD EARNED investment purchase. I have called customer care and was told to only respond by proper emails/channels. It is very sad that a consumer has to PAY an Attorney to be justly reimbursed for poor quality merchandise from such a large company.

You should investigate online complaints more, you will see MANY more like mine. Shame on your company for advertising such products and then placing the burden on the consumer instead of doing the right thing.


A product defect is found during the installation of five boxes or less, so the idea that the product looked fine after installation and later showed signs of cracking and splits suggests your regulation of interior conditions (outside the seller or manufacturers control). The posting lacks information needed to properly respond.

Was the flooring inspected and the results of the inspection shared with you, thus the letter of denial? The site you referenced has caused a great deal of questions within the industry as a whole because proper regulation maintains the stability of the product and it's from the more dramatic fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity that a board may begin to check. No matter where you shop for wood flooring, the problem can be found when the proper care is not taken to maintain conditions. Unfortunately too many consumers are so busy these days they fail to take the time to read the warranty, installation instructions, or the floor care requirements for what can amount to be a rather heft y investment.

Placing the burden of failing to read or follow these documents on the seller is unfair and we deliver quality products to consumers thousands of times a day – everyday to people more than satisfied. If you wish to discuss this further, we welcome your call and if it makes sense to inspect the floor to help understand the root cause, we will consider the exception as LL does not generally inspect floors in this condition.

We’re sorry this happened and regret to hear you feel taking other actions may be the best recourse, but we also know some situations may not be resolved through normal investigative channels and it’s certainly your right to get answers. If we can help uncover the root cause we’re willing to hear more about the problem and ask that you call Customer Care.

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