called in for warranty as finish was coming off floor. I simply just wanted to get the stain or stain color code to fix it myself.

They put me through the whole warrantly process and after 4 months they sent a form letter. They were supposed to send someone out to inspect it. Never happened. I will never buy from this company again.

I had stated on the phone that water was used to clean it and maybe a hard wood floor cleaner. They said because I was not using their floor cleaner they would not warranty it.

They could have told me that when i called in.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Mount Washington, Kentucky, United States #867104

I purchased the Handscraped Windsor Oak "Virginia Mills" brand from LL in March 2014, I installed it over the Labor Day weekend and had one box left and part of another box. I was pushed to buy the extra box by the sales associate and when tried to return it today (Sept 7) they said no returns and by the way this is no longer a product carried by LL.

I even asked if the product would be around a while so I could buy more in the future if I wanted to do other areas, the associate said yes! So now I am stuck with it, out extra money and honestly don't feel like I got that good of a deal in the first place.

Lesson learned! I will not buy from LL again.


The salesmen I dealt with is a liar. Plain and simple.

I'm well versed in wood and the properties different species present. I specifically asked if my "hand scraped mahogany" flooring was from Brazil or the far east. Immediately he responded "Brazil". Now most would not know the difference.

I DO! Problem is you can't tell by the little display mounted so you can't see the raw back side. Brazilian mahogany is much harder than far east. The far east *** is nothing more than luan.

Buyer beware. I'll never shop at lumber liquidators again.

Shame on me, I've been fooled there more than once.


That's why they are Liquidators! Kind of like the second hand outlet malls.....get my point.

Sure you get a great price...but in the end it comes at a cost.


Same problem with my LL acacia flooring scratches easily. Have 2 dogs and keep their nails very short and filed they told me in the store that they wouldn't scratch the floor HA!

Installers were jerks scratched my concrete to my front door with two groves from the floor cutter complained nothing happened. Took twice as long to install than they stated.

Called the stoor and asked about the scratches there response was "too bad" nice after i spent 4000 dollars on floor and 1000 dollars on installation. GO SOME WHERE ELSE

Decatur, Alabama, United States #685653

I am very glad I came on looking at reviews of things, has clearly saved me time, and money according to the reviews. Thanks to all that takes a few minutes to give honest opinions. :upset

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #637192

I tried and tried to find out what kind of finish and how many coats of finish was put on my Lumber Liquidators Windsor Oak 3/4 inch flooring by "Virginia Mils".

First of all, there appears to be no actual "Virginia Mills" but it is rather a rebranded generic flooring from someone else and I found that Lumber Liquidators OWNS the name and alleged "manufacturer" known as Virginia Mills.

It appears that the finishes are sparse and simply won't hold up compared to name brands that verify their finishes are 7 layer aluminum oxide finishes that are incredibly durable.

And to say you can't wipe down your floors with a water dampened mop or cloth is absurd. Its done every day everywhere. No one wood heavy wet mop with plain water in any event like a commercial tile floor, common sense prevails.

I am finding that absent a clear warranty, lack of a positive response when you have a problem, and the "secrecy" surrounding Virginia Mills which appears to be a sham, that Lumbar Liquidators are a company to steer clear of.

Go to Home Depot or Lowes, and if you have a problem, they even step up and try to solve it.

Save yourself some money in the long run and a lot of heartache it appears.

Mattapan, Massachusetts, United States #592467

This company will sell you many products but, will NOT stand behind their products for just about any reason possible. If you do not take the time to inspect each and every box of wood flooring that you pickup or arrives at your home, then you are simply out of luck.

Period.! Who in their right mind has the time or inclination to inspect 1, 10- 100 boxes. It would take forever! But, Lumber Liquidator has a clause in their sales contract and visible on their site that says just that and you are to refuse any damaged or product that you do not like.

If you do not, then you are out of luck as you now own it and they have absolved themselves of any further responsibility. That means if you do happen to open a box or two and it looks good only to find the rest are water damaged or the wrong product altogether...too bad for you! They will say its your fault for not checking and summarily send you over to Customer care department which will deny you claim for refund or replacement product.

They are the worst company that I have ever dealt with and the sooner people realize that all of the horror stories people are telling are true.



Sound about right! I purchased 700sqft of Virginia Mill Works Acacia flooring.

It wasn't even a day after I finished installing it I started to notice scraches in the traffic areas and they seemed to be multiplying! I called LL and got the "run around" I too got several form letters and basically the end result was that the scratches are in the protective "finish" that is to "protect the finish" which makes the "finish" look like "***!" So for those of you out there with the same issue have no worries, LL conveniently has a product that's called "scratch away".

Seems pretty odd that LL has this product to fiX FLAWS that they deni as being a problem! Go somewhere else to buy your floors, spend a little more and put up with a whole lot less!!!!

to John #635918

John, I feel sick to read your comment... we purchased 500 sq.ft.

of handscraped engineered Virgina Mills acacia from LL today and it is to be installed tomorrow. I just wanted to get your feedback on what your floor is looking like now, 6 months since your post?


Sorry to hear you feel we did not service your issue well, but from what you describe using water to clean your wood floor its clear you're ignoring the warranty which clearly states NOT to use water on a wood floor. We do not require the use of our cleaners and make no specific product recommendations to care for the floor.

We do make it clear the use of water violates the warranty which is likely why the associate refused to set up an onsite inspection because you failed to follow the care instructions and your choice to use water as a cleaning solution will cause the damage you initially complained about in the first place. We take each situation seriously and investigate in the event a manufacturing problem exists, but that’s not the case here and when others read exchanges like this they become educated on what water will do to the floor. If other opinions are created one can only suggest the public read the care instructions for all wood flooring manufacturers because they ALL point out that the use of water will harm the product.

Wood and water don’t mix and no matter where you source materials, cared for this way will not change science – Sorry to hear you feel we’re at fault, but we’re not paying for damages caused from ignoring the care instructions and no seller or manufacturer should be expected to do so when the instructions are clear. We cover legitimate issues when they surface and take full responsibility for any manufacturing defects as LL holds the manufacturer accountable in the interest of customer satisfaction and a responsible seller.

to LL Response Norwalk, Connecticut, United States #689794

Typical corporate form letter response even here. LL your response here just helped me make up my mind I will be getting my flooring elsewhere not from your company!


Yup sounds like LL. It really wouldn't matter what you would have told them you would have received the same results.

They will never make it easy for the customer and they will never honor anything they tell you. they are worms and will squirm out of any responsibilities they have

to rich #984258

Yes, this company LL sucks!! I too have become a VICTIM of their lies!

BUYER BEWARE! We installed the floor and now you should see it there are gaps everywhere and we spend $4k on this ***!

There is nothing they intend to do, nothing! I don't know why we can't all get together and file a class action law suit against them there should be plenty of complaints to do so, how would one go about doing this, any suggestions?

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