http://www.ripoffreport.com/If you have something to say and are still pissed at Lumber Liquidators, then submit your story/complaint here. All it takes is 5 of them and they will list Lumber Liqiuidators appropriately as the Ripoff merchant that they are.My story:his company will sell you many products but, will NOT stand behind their products for just about any reason possible.

If you do not take the time to inspect each and every box of wood flooring that you pickup or arrives at your home, then you are simply out of luck. Period.! Who in their right mind has the time or inclination to inspect 1, 10- 100 boxes. It would take forever!

But, Lumber Liquidator has a clause in their sales contract and visible on their site that says just that and you are to refuse any damaged or product that you do not like. If you do not, then you are out of luck as you now own it and they have absolved themselves of any further responsibility. That means if you do happen to open a box or two and it looks good only to find the rest are water damaged or the wrong product altogether...too bad for you! They will say its your fault for not checking and summarily send you over to Customer care department which will deny you claim for refund or replacement product.

They are the worst company that I have ever dealt with and the sooner people realize that all of the horror stories people are telling are true.


Monetary Loss: $2100.

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Bergenfield, New Jersey, United States #598974

I have been fighting with Lumber Liq. for over a year.

My floor has cupped, cracked and squeaks. There 30 yr warranty is worthless and customer service just as bad. Do what I am doing.

Put a video on you tube, use you social networks to warn as many as you can, contact local TV station and have them do consumer rip off story and finally take them to small claims court. :(

Hingham, Massachusetts, United States #592496

This is absolutely the truth and the same thing happened to me at the Braintree, Mass. store.

Sure, I was everyone's best friend while they were giving me their spiel about how good their 100 yr warranty is and taking my money. Then, they shipped me 60 boxes (for a mere $300.00 more) and I was supposed to get 64 of them. Had to go through an argument with sales person at store and they all but called me a liar and said they do not make mistakes and their fancy inventory system is automated. Luckily I had an invoice from the trucking company to match against my sales order.

Yup, they short shipped me and were blaming me! Can you imaging spending $9000 and then having someone at a company treat you like a common criminal. Now the really good part of the story. I have the unopened boxes acclimating in my house for a week and when I open them for installation they are not Select Ash as I had ordered but, a natural grade which is less costly, not uniform in color and Not what I had ordered!

Now, Lumber Liquidators is saying its my fault again for not checking the order and that I should have refused the shipment.

How about LL checking before sending the wrong wood to my house!

Luckily, I bought it with AMEX or I would be out of luck and over $9000. Do not buy from this unscrupulous business!

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