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Unfortunately, I wasnt smart enough to read the reviews before placing my order, because now I see how many others around the country had a similiar experience.

They oversold product based on the square footage I provided knowing the installation would occur outside their very limited return window. Brought back sealed unused boxes. Refused refund or even store credit.

Now I see that others as far away as the other side of country had the same experience.

They are real nice until they get your money, but watch out, once they have it - - they are rude and discourteous. Just a terrible experience. Be smart - go to Home Depot or Lowes!!!!!

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At the point of sale we disclose the return policy clearly on the invoice; in fact customers are required to initial the policy to avoid this exact situation from happening. You either chose to ignore the policy, or the item purchased is one noted on the invoice as follows:

Returns/Exchanges: Returns or exchanges are not permitted on opened boxes, close-outs, odd lots, final sales, special deals, special orders, clearance items and laminates. To be eligible for a return or exchange, the product must be in its original condition and have been properly stored. Installed product is considered accepted by purchaser and may not be exchanged or returned for any reason. Shipping and delivery charges are non-refundable. Any additional shipping costs relating to a return or exchange are the sole responsibility of purchaser.

Exchanges are permitted within 30 days of receipt of the product without a restocking fee. Defective product may be exchanged, prior to installation, within 90 days of receipt.

Requests for returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of the product. Approved returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee with the exception of moldings and trim. Special orders are not returnable unless the product is defective.

Without knowing who you are makes it difficult to tell if the policy applies to your purchase, but we make every accommodation possible not unlike other sellers. We apply the policy equally across the country and you’ll never see the millions of people who buy from us post because they reviewed the policy, understood what their responsibility was for returns, and what is allowed for returns and happily installed their floors without concern. If you would like to call Customer Care and share more information we may be able to help you, but this type of posting is one sided and does not fully expose the facts of your purchase. Our policy is written on the invoice, on our website, posted in the stores, and accompanies any online orders. We’re not in business to upset customers, but we also realize some customers may post in this way to get a reaction. We present the above facts and invite you to call Customer Care – the people who can best listen to your grievance and provide solutions based on facts of your purchase. Slow down, read the information we provide, understand what you’re buying, follow the warranty, read the installation instructions, follow the care instructions, and you’ll be assured a great flooring experience.

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