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What I originally thought was a great deal on a small lot special purchase became a huge liability when a home inspector determined that the naturally occurring defects in the wood were the result of a wood destroying insect infestation that can damage the flooring and the wood structure of the home. I spent $135.00 to hire in entomologist to determine that the infestation was inactive.

I contacted customer service to obtain a replacement for the defective product. Customer Service declared it an installation error and all warranties were thus void. They stated that the installer should not have installed any flooring with signs of infestation, this is ironic since neither the manager and assistant manager in the Lumber Liquidator store were unable to identify the WDI infestation and admitted that this was the first time they had seen a Powder Post Beatle infestation. We all assumed that this was typical in rustic looking “trendy” hard scraped wood flooring. Which brings me to my original assumption; this was an uncommon occurrence and this was a defective product.

Yes you can find great deals from this company, but let the buyer beware. I would suggest that you check each box on the dock.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Great price and product line.

I didn't like: Lousy corporate customer service, Wood destroying insect infestation, Voided warranty-what warranty.

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I will be contacting lumber liquidators soon in reference to faulty floors they sold me as well- same issue powder beetles. Terminix left my home just about 2 hours ago and determined they were in wood already.

I will contact them and update once Lumber Liquidators replies. I have other bamboo floors I have not installed and honestly I no longer feel confident at all in their products.

I thought I had termites but this other creature was identified instead. I will keep you all posted with any and all updates.

Toano, Virginia, United States #891551

LL Response to Product sold with wood destroying insect infestation:

We take such matters seriously and the company that made this purchase filed a complaint where investigated using a qualified entomologist independent from our company (major Virginia institute) where they determined the flowing from samples: "TUNNELS MADE BEFORE MILLING AND HAVE FINISH INSIDE THE HOLES. NO SIGN OF ACTIVITY NOR ANY INSECTS IN THE SAMPLE.

End Report".

The complaint also includes the same note about an inactive infestation. The fact that the installer chose to install boards with natural holes in them is an installer issue, not a sellers problem to solve as we do not make board selection decisions. The product was a low grade item sold as with a clear and descriptive disclaimer noting defects a buyer can expect when choosing this item. Powder Post Beetles are rare and generally terminated through high heat milling processes if present at all within wood species.

The boards are installed, and as the instructions note if you don't like the look of a board - don't install it. When asked " Did you inspect the floor before installation?" the reply was "Yes". "If so, did you notice any defects/" The reply..."Normal, Knott holes and color variation". The form goes on to say boards were set aside, yet the photos provided show boards clearly installed that should be culled out.

The wood was stored in the garage prior to installation and we advise against storing product in a garage. There is no active infestation and the holes in the wood are natural for the species and commonly found in lower grade woods, part of the grading process. If you want higher grade material you need to source it by grade and cull out boards for a desired look.

This rings true no matter where you buy flooring - this is an industry standard when sourcing wood flooring. Sorry to hear this became a concern.

to CustomerCare #894032

Wow that doesn't really give me, as a potential customer a lot of confidence now does it. Seems to me like the classic figure pointing while the customer is left unhappy.

to Anonymous Arroyo Grande, California, United States #1181818

I just had a powder post beetle fly out of my lumber liquidator flooring on July 3, 2016 after two days of noticing wood dust, like sand, around a hole as big as a pencil eraser. This is a hand scraped hardwood Virginia millworks out of China. This floor has been a nightmare.

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