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Am in the process of of replacing 1288' of carpet with hardwood. Contacted, Manchester, NH Mgr.

Bob Arsenault approximately Dec 28, 11, in regards to price and availability of wooden heat registers. Bob explained that he would get a price in 48 hours, but the registers would take approximately two weeks to get once ordered. Over the next eight days, I never received a call on price or even availability. I finally called Bob the latter part of the following week and explained my project was on hold pending availability of the registers.

In a terse and discourteous voice, Bob said it's only been a week, that he would have an answer by the end of the day. That was Jan 5th, it's now Feb 13, and he never called back, nor do I want him to!

I have since purchased the first 200' of 1288' total, of hardwood, from Lowe's, who were more than happy to sell and deliver it! I also got a price on the wooden Heat registers instantaneously over the phone from a company on Long Island which I had a week later.

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We never want to hear of a bad experience and we're sorry to hear the customer felt compelled to use this forum for his complaint. I spoke with Bob from the store and his accounting of the situation is not the same as the customers.

LL does not make decisions based on hear-say, but we do know calls were made from the store, including calls to suppliers. We agree this was not a good exchange and there's more to this story so we'll have to agree this was a lost opportunity. I 'm aware of a reverse situation from a Big Box seller so the door apparently swings both ways driving the importance of getting it right the first time!

This was a large sq ft project and the customers extremely happy. We’re sorry you had to look elsewhere and pay higher prices.

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