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Purchases maple flooring from lumber liquidators the flooring is worthless. You can't walk on the floor without it scratching.

After six months I called lumber liquators to file a warranty claim. They told me that it was normal ware.

I have to replace all of the flooring because it full of scratches and splits in the planks. I dropping a spoon and a bottle cap on the floor left imprint of the bottle cap and a ding in the floor.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor, Did not stand behind product or installation.

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LL Response to Quality comment

Sorry to hear you're unhappy, but it sounds like we conducted a review of your case which would typically include photos and possibly inspection for some issues. Floors are not scratch proof rather scratch resistant.

No matter where you buy flooring, no seller is offering scratch proof flooring and the care of the floor is the responsibility of the buyer.

The comment about splits suggests the flooring is not being cared for according to the manufacturers recommendations, specifically interior temperature and relative humidity to avoid this from happening. We can make recommendations for flooring types, but it's important for a customer to choose the type of wood (hardness) that meets your lifestyle and it sounds like a harder wood is a better fit for your family.

to Anonymous #1115569

No they did not expect the flooring, nor did they send anyone out to inspect the flooring. It took 5 months of my repeated calls to the claims office for them only to send me a package explaining the different types of wood species.

Really! They treat you like it's your first time buying wood flooring, which I haven't. I clearly know the difference between normal ware and scratches. THIS NOT the case.

Do you really think a bottle cap should leave an imprint on the floor. I asked to have them refinish the flooring. They replied, " it would effect the warrant". What warranty.

This floor has a 100 year warranty. It didn't last 6 months.

DO NOT BUY FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. The should be liquidated

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