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We spent thousands of dollars, went with a LL recommended installer and within weeks, our product was chipping and separating. We had a 3rd party investigator confirm it is faulty product and install causing our problem.

Lumber Liquidators notified us in writing that they are not liable in any way. Our entire downstairs will need to be replaced. In addition, our "Made in the USA" product was actually made in China and has such a high content of formaldehyde that one of my sons can not walk on it without blistering.

We are so disappointed and hope we can prevent others from experiencing the same by sharing our story. RUN!!!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Columbia, Missouri, United States #952788

I am sorry, but this review gives no proof that the Made in the USA label is false. It is unfair to Lumber Liquidators to throw out accusations like this without also giving the product name and how you verified that it was not made in the USA.

to James North Fork, California, United States #953468

Hi James! Are you the same person who works for LL?

I will post a picture of the label. And all of the information on the product right now!

Thanks for bringing to my attention! Kensington manor hand scraped v groove laminate floor 12 mm pre glued by dream home laminate floor product of china sandy hills hickory scs-carb-000090

Complaint of formaldehyde


to James North Fork, California, United States #953474

I am not able to upload a picture to this review, however, I would invite anyone to go to a LL store to view the label for oneself. It is on the box.

I posted all of the information that is clearly printed on the edge of the box. It is a PRODUCT OF CHINA and has a formaldehyde warning. Here is the additional information I had hoped to show in the picture. The scu# is 10026751 12SH.

The manufacture date is 10/20/2013. Vendor mill code:CSD

Los Angeles, California, United States #875770

Hi Deborah, I'm working on an investigation regarding LL flooring issues affecting California consumers. Please contact me at or 800-901-5119. Jessica

to Jessica #876980

Thank you, Jessica, for contacting us. If any customers reading this live in the state of California, feel free to contact Jessica at the above phone or email.

Concord, Ohio, United States #871504

have a serious problem with the quality of product they blame the installer.the product is third grade made in china called them many times and finally they sent out someone do not know if he is on there payroll. I am trying to get some results but to no

to jim #872086

Yes, it is heartbreaking.

to deborah2014 #872106

Apparently "Matthew" in customer service is the person who handles the bigger complaints. You may want to email him at for assistance.

It would be so awesome to see someone get a positive resolution.

I see so many online complaints!!! Let me know how you fare.

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States #869262

LL Response to Bamboo Flooring Concern

Sorry to hear there's been a problem, but this accounting of your experience leads to a few questions because if the report shows there's a defect the warranty would apply and LL would hold the manufacture accountable to uphold the warranty. If a notice was made to you in writing, this suggests the investigation revealed issues that were not in fact related to product quality.

The labeling of products is another area that is unclear. We cannot label items made in other countries with a U.S.A label, and if the items made in China, the labeling on the packaging will show this. The suggestion the floor cannot be walked on due to formaldehyde content suggests a safety hazard. The very small amount of formaldehyde used to manufacture some bamboo products is well within the CARD standards of those outlined in the California proposition 65 listing and we not only adhere to the California standards, we apply these standards to all states where the items are shipped.

The finish layer more than covers the product and the wood (or bamboo), so if you are experiencing blisters It does not make sense how you're connecting this problem to the flooring that comes pre-finished. To avoid making assumptions, I'm more than happy to review any documentation you have, or an existing case file should you wish to speak with me by phone, but all decisions are made based on facts and the fact is your posting does not support our thorough and diligent investigation of flooring concerns from minor chipping, to more complex flooring issues. If not already chipped coming out of the box, this can easily stem from your use of the floor and the gapping may be from improper expansion space, poor regulation of the floor to include cleaning using water, or water based solutions, maintaining temperature and relative humidity settings ideal for your flooring type, or even the absence of t-moldings, or some other element of this problem that requires some investigation to reach a definitive conclusion. Happy to help, so please call the Customer Care department at 800-366-4204 and ask for the call to be escalated to a member of management referencing your online complaint.

I will notify the team to be on the lookout for your call.

Thank you - Dir. Customer Care

to LL Response #872083

Our product is not bamboo. It is called Sandy Hills Hickory 12mm.

I would love your contact information as this process has been ongoing for 1 year. We have had very poor communication--the only reason I have heard back is because I call and call and call and call. We have yet to receive anything in writing or via email as requested. The report they got from the 3rd party investigator is not available for my review (so they say) and their written report was mailed to an address in Florida (by mistake?).

No one can tell me how that happened... I smell a fish. Here is the deal: We had an area of laminate flooring in the home and were amazed by its durability. We decided to save and have the entire downstairs replaced to match.

We had this laminate product for 10 years and had not one issue with it. This product sold and installed by LL contractors began having issues 2 weeks after install. The entire floor will need to be replaced. It will not last.

We have 6 sections where the boards are separated by 1/4 inch gaps. You can see the sub floor. We have chips located under couches and tables--no foot traffic--discovered by the investigator. The contractor who installed our product is no longer in business.

Our problem(s) is due to faulty install by YOUR CONTRACTOR who no longer is in business. I am sorry, but my husband is a licensed contractor who owns his own business and you better believe he would be held liable and accountable for faulty install and or product. But that is the difference between the big guy and the little guy...WE TAKE CARE OF OUR CUSTOMERS. And here's a little tid bit for you...THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Well, at least that's our motto and the way we care for our customers. My husband could have installed this floor but in the fine print...there was a lot of mentioning about faulty install and product warranty. We went with your recommended and licensed contractor. Until we have resolution--we will tell friends, family, social media and our own customers looking to replace flooring to BEWARE.

Our story is one of thousands we see online. Our problem is not unique.

Families like ours work really hard to make these upgrades to our homes and to be abandoned by your company is sickening. People need to know what they are getting into when they purchase flooring from LL.

to deborah2014 #872103

oops. That was Texas that they sent my mail to, not Florida and I finally did get a "cut and pasted" copy of that letter emailed to me by Barbara in Customer Care. But no official response.

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