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BELLAWOOD product by Lumber Liquidators, Inc is a rip-off. They do not stand behind any warranty.

The Brazilian chestnut floor has cracks after installation and they claim we should not have installed defective boards. This floor was professionally installed and any "defects" in the quality of the board is not visible by the human eye. Only once the boards are down and slight, normal humidity fluctuations forces the floor finish to push up through the center of boards (not between the planks) causing ugly ridges that then proceed to flake off. $12,000 for flooring that *** within the first 3 months and they want to blame the installer.

This is a mfg problem (as stated to me by the National Wood Flooring Association technician) not an installation error. We want our money refunded so we can buy a GOOD product.!!!!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States #962120

Pissed off seems to be the norm. Get used to it.

For I am living in a house that is killing me with formaldehyde.

Does anybody care? I don't see anyone yet.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #619555

LL knew there was a problem with that specific species but continued to sell it. The chief complaint was the mysterious yellowing spots that appear as the wood ages.

Needless to say after selling through it all, ripping people off and blaming installers, they no longer make and sell the Brazilian chestnut. They're crooks all in bed together with the " uninterested third party inspectors ". You see they give you a list of inspectors to choose from. So LL is not hiring them you are.

But it's not in the interest for the inspector to find the supplier at fault because they are not insured for the install. Only the contractor is. So if the inspector sides with LL they get more referrals. They help the case for the customer and become the smoking gun finder.

They also cash in on the insurance claim because they offer to install the new floor.

Charge to tear out , reinstall and probably try to sell you material too. It clears LL , get the customer a new floor and screws the installer.


some of us should get together and take this company to court. they have great ways to get out of any situation!

the type of waranty is practically useless! come on, lumber people! for how long are you going to rip people off! Unhappy customers, please let's get together and make the whole world know NOT TO STEP INTO ANY OF THE LUMBER LIQUIDATORS locations.

I urge you all to post a boy cut on your tweeret, face book. I will contact a broadcasting station and have my testimony on the news.

Lumbers has to pay for what they have done to thousands of customers. i just wish I had checked all this negative testimonies before buying my usless product.

to lumber *** Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States #962125

I am taking them to court. Just a matter of time and they will be paying me, not the thousands of people that have paid them for this inferior Chineese formaldahyde cancer causing, Sorry for the misspelling, I am so pissed off right now I cant breath n my own home.

They will go bankrupt very shortly.

In all reality everyone should hear my story but no one cares.

Life goes on, but I am still here.!!!!


The customer spent 12k and you want them to find and pay for an inspection,you guys suck..let this be a lesson to all consumers,buy from local mom and pop shops where they actually care about the sale and appreciate the business,you would have spent a 1000 more but you would have had zero headaches,and a good first quality product


You regret the floors having issues. You recommended to hire a professional inspector to inspect the floor.

You said the installer did not install the floor correctly. Please advise how you determine the installer is at fault before inspection?


The product does not come out of the box in this condition and the problem you described is directly related to the installation of the flooring. We regret to hear the installer did not take appropriate steps installing the flooring, and if you have information from NOFMA supporting your claim, we would like to see it because making such a statement unsupported by facts is misleading and the comment is not in line with industry facts as they relate to wood flooring products and reaction to conditions, or failed installation techniques that cause negative wood flooring experiences such as yours.

We agree this is frustrating, but this is not a reflection of the products true quality. Professionally installed does not mean properly installed. Invest in a professional inspection.

If you can produce a report that states a defect exists, we'll replace it without question in support of the warranty, but your comments suggest an inspection may have been conducted already with results showing the product was not at fault. Again, we regret to hear this happened and suggest you hold the installer responsible.

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