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My mother spent $2000 on laminate flooring from here recently. After installing ~140 square feet of it, we found that there was mold growing on all of it. Hesitant to open the remaining ~1800 square feet, my mother went back to this Lumber Liquidators location in Nashua, NH looking just for an exchange. She explained to the manager and employees there that she was concerned about the mold and just wanted an exchange for non-moldy wood. The manager adamantly and condescendingly explained that it was just dust, and refused an exchange. My mom was incredibly embarrassed by their ignorance and we decided it was best to run a mold test to rebuke their claims.

While our mold test was being processed, I assisted my mom and contacted corporate. I was contacted by a customer service agent who sent us a General Disclosure Form to fill out. We did so along with attaching numerous pictures highlighting the molded wood. Our hope for a easy resolution was destroyed however when the customer service agent just called back and reiterated what the manager at the store said. This was incredibly frustrating and a complete waste of time for us.

Finally, the test results finished and proved that it was indeed mold. My mom has had her insurance agent try to call and provide these pictures for them only to receive delayed responses from them claiming that they can't receive the pictures. I've helped my mom resend these pictures in one final hope that we can come to a resolution (we just want non-molded wood here). If not, we'll have to seek legal action as we find this product to be a health hazard and completely defective.

If this sounds like a giant pain in the rear to you, it's because it is. If you do not want to waste your time and money, I would strongly advise taking your business elsewhere.

Thank you for taking your time to read my review.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Exchange for wood that's not moldy/defective..

I didn't like: Customer service, Customer experience, Product.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1106359

L.L. did the same to me fill out the General Disclosure Form

sent pictures.

and got the same response as you did.


they know most all of the flooring they sell is junk...

and even the employees know what is going on you will see a high turn over rate because people are so angry its not a good job to stay at...


Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #957017

Mold is indeed found in floorboards from China where that laminate flooring most likely came. I found mold as well in Chinese floorboards. See my video on this subject:


Toano, Virginia, United States #884946

LL Response to mold claim

I reviewed case and all the photos. The store did not see any signs of mold, nor is there a record of mold being found on other lots for this SKU, so the examination revealed dust on the product and the sample photos showed the exact same.

The claim of mold was unfounded. The product was installed up to 140 sq ft after being in the possession of the customer for several weeks. We cannot accept back installed material and the concern here is the presentation of samples and photos. Not one included actual mold, so if mold was a problem we simply asked to see evidence of this problem and none were presented, therefore if we viewed product with a problem we would not hesitate to accept it back for replacement material.

There are several comments from the store and the assigned associate working this case where the customer stated they could not get the product to lock together, however we demonstrated in the store using their samples how easily it connected. There is a concern this DIY project may be out of the scope of the consumer and it was recommended they hire a professional installer. No evidence of mold was ever presented and the photo attached was never presented to LL initially, nor does this validate the mold is from the flooring. Again, they failed to bring in, or document photos of mold found on the product and there's no way to know if they stored the product in wet conditions while in their care prior to installation causing a mold problem.

There was more concern with the locking of the product which we demonstrated was functioning properly without issue. We regret to hear they remain unhappy, but our recommendation is to hire someone who knows how to install the floor professionally.

to LL Response Customer Care10 Richmond, Virginia, United States #960006

This is a disgusting response. Why am I not surprised, LL has an answer and response for everything unfortunately it's always finger pointing and will never make things right.

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