Rushed pick up; Trusted them on the counts which was incorrect when I got home. The store did not honor the missed box-$59.00 and claimed that their inventory was correct.

After more than $ 5000.00 of dealing business w/ them, I now decide that I will not have my business with them anymore and will tell my friends not to go there. They can not be trusted! The customer service was lousy and nasty. It was not the money but the trust...

Dishonest retailer!

If you have to buy from them , check everything out before taking the stuff home ; otherwise, they would charge you 20% of restock fee.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Reston, Virginia, United States #590367

We're happy to help with this, but if the store checked inventory counts the box count would be spot on and we would not dissatisfy a customer over a single box. To say we cannot be trusted is not a fair statement considering we have no way of knowing what transpired after the product left the building.

A box fell off your truck? One was damaged when unloading or misplaced at your home? We do value your business and appreciate your choosing us as a source of materials. Telling your friends to spend more money elsewhere is not friendly advice and we are trusted thousands of times each day making good on purchases.

Could the store have gone ahead and given you the benefit of doubt - sure - but they did conduct inventory counts and the system is very reliable so we'll take your feedback and a call to customer care would be helpful so we can tie the name back to the order / store and further investigate if you would like to contact us at 800-366-4204. Again, sorry to hear this was so upsetting you felt the need to make such a post.

to LL Customer Care Newark, New Jersey, United States #611198

just reading your responces to these comments of unsatisfied customers is amazingly "SPOT ON" as you say to what they are saying - you do twist the problem to be the customers fault and how dare they expect the employees to do their job... your replys are what is keeping me from being a first time customer.. Bravo..

sei la ve

Bustumup@aol.com Long Island, NY

to LL Customer Care #620839

You know i have been looking at flooring on your website for my house i'm building, but now after reading all of these complaints and the arrogant responses blaming the customer for everything, I think i'll have to go elsewhere, there must be some kind of truth about the products you sell being it's the same complaint over and over, and the response is all the same, installer error, site situation, according to you all installers are idiots and all the sites are wrong, when you get to the point that no installation company will install your product, then what?

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