I purchased and installed 900sf of click together antique strand bamboo, the floor looked great for the firs 3 months now the seams lengthwise have started to separate to the point they have come unlocked in many places, the entire floor needs to be taken up to replace the affected boards. I am by no means a professional however i have installed no less that 5 wood and laminate floors with no issues, my house also has a built in humidifier which allow me to keep the humidity in my house at 38%.

Not only are the seams separating you can also now see and feel the grain texture, i feel the product was manufactured and shipped to early before the wood dried properly, then when they introduced the resins that hold the material together it made the material more susceptible to shrinkage.

I have put a claim in with LL it is going on two weeks now, i complied with all of their requests to send photos, fill out forms etc... they still have not sent anyone to look at the problem, I am not very optimistic at this point.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Orange Park, Florida, United States #1203227

The same just happened to me. Floor is separating.

It's shrinking or so.

I could see even the padding underneath. Very bad!


I had posted a complaint regarding the same issue several months ago, and after LL told us there was nothing they could do, we took the entire floor up ourselves one more time and then installed it again...but this time we glued every single seam with wood glue...it took forever And I'm sure voided any warranty (but what was the point of the warranty anyway) and so far, it's fine. That was back in March, 7 months ago, and we haven't had any gaps reappear. If you've nothing to lose, it's worth a try.

to Anonymous #1057306

Unfortunately you are dealing with a defective floor and gapping is not the only issue. LL was using a formaldehyde resin up until 2013 and switched to a water base resin when they were first outed for having high levels of formaldehyde emissions.

The water based resin which is used now is safer regarding emissions but it also created an inferior product. The water based resin is not as strong and will split, shrink and cause a wave like texture to the grain. The poster of this article is correct. If the bamboo is not cured and dried properly you will have problems.

You will also have problems due to seasonal changes in the weather which will effect the humidity and temperature. LL also recommends when acclimating the bamboo to open the ends of the boxes and remove the cellophane! This is wrong! Doing this will cause the ends of the boards to swell and the middle of the boards will retain a high moisture content giving you uneven boards that will gap.

My advice would be to file a complaint in Small Claims Court. The BBB is just an arbitrator and little help, same with your Attorney General. Another thing may be to join a Class Action Suit but I think you will do better by Small Claims Court. LL is a bad company and you will not get any help from them.

Best thing to do is hit them where it hurts......and thats their pocket! It boggles the mind how they have gotten away with such atrocious business practices. Just recently they were fined 13 million by the Lacey Act for smuggling wood into the US.

They also face several class action suits regarding their laminate's emitting high levels of formaldehyde since they were recently outed again by the 60 Minutes piece that aired in March 2015. Best advice for anyone looking for flooring........STAY AWAY FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS!

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1056918

Please include pictures here to share....

Monroeville, Indiana, United States #952743

We have to same issue. Floor has seperated and gapped and now its cupped.

I have been fighting with LL for over a year and finally got my installation part refunded.

Now we are not sure what to do because when you call all you get is a voicemail of someone and they never call back. This company is a rip off and would never do business with them again.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #945332

We installed our Morningstar floors last fall and are now experiencing the same thing some of you have described - we followed all of the directions - my husband is a meticulous carpenter - and now two very strange things are happening - FIRST - we left the required gaps around the perimeter - about a quarter inch, which the base initially covered, so it was fine - and now the whole floor has shrunk so much that there is now a half inch gap outside of the floor trim - so you can see the purple moisture barrier underneath around the entire room - and SECOND - it's separating in all these random placing - some of which are gaps almost an inch wide - The whole thing is making me sick - I wish we'd never bought this floor. I haven't gone to LL yet with the pictures, but I intend to this weekend.

It sounds like it's pointless tho and I'm fully prepared that we'll take the blame for some sort of installation mistake. Has anyone had any luck fixing this problem - taking up the floor and re-installing it?

Sounds awful, but I'm desperate. I can't afford to tear it up and replace it.

to NicoleJohns Chicago, Illinois, United States #952746

Hi Nicole.... We had to rip ours out after 7 months!!!We filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General...

But they denied our claim!We also had a horrible odor getting from the floor that was making my husband and dog sick!!!! We then went with a different company and hace gorgeous floors for 2 yrs.I really think this is a Class Action suit!!!!We are out $8000

to NicoleJohns Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1056916

Pictures! In all these complaints I haven't seen one picture.

Plainwell, Michigan, United States #944243

Good luck with this. We purchased Morningstar Bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators and they have not stood behind the product.

Gaps, chips, lumps not attached to the sub floor - they have been out to "fix" it several times.

Had two of their store managers in our our house on separate occasions - both said they would not be happy if it were their residence.

Buyer beware - I will never deal with this unethical company again. They simply need to make it right after 8 months of misery.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #914204

We are investigating defects associated with Morning Star Bamboo flooring. If you are interested in discussing your experience and remedies that may be available to you, please call 855-505-5342. Thanks!


Same issue. We have had it reinstalled 2 times now and it now buckles. We are filing a suit.


I'am also a victim of Lumber Liquidators Morning Star strand bamboo floating floor. Instead of listing all the problems (because they are the same as everyone else) I will tell you what I have learned.

In just about every complaint I have read (and there have been hundreds of them) I think I have read only two incidents where they offered a store credit. I was one of them! A store credit to buy what? More defective flooring!

There was only one other product I was interested in at the time, which is their "Bellawood" label and from what I have read consumers are having problems with that product as well. A store credit does not cover the $1800 I paid to have it installed neither does it cover having my existing flooring (Morning Star Bamboo) ripped up and discarded. I paid $3.99 a sq. foot for the Morning Star and upgrading to something else (because I would never go with bamboo) would cost me at least another $2000.

I had this flooring installed in 2013 at the end of June. I have had it repaired and 3 months later it was still continuing to gap and separate. I had 2 rooms and a hallway installed and my dining room has been packed in boxes since the date of install in the anticipation of more gaps and separations. It has been a total disaster!

There has also been an issue with the "formaldehyde in this product. They advertise this product as being "green." Yes...it's green but it could also cause "Cancer." Formaldehyde is a carcinogen! In 2010 President Obama signed The Formaldehyde Standards Act for Composite Wood Products. Two accredited laboratories tested Lumber Liquidators Chinese flooring and found it to be 3.5 times over the legal level allowed by law.

This is in gross violation of this Act. Lumber Liquidators boast that they are compliant with these laws which include the boxes to be labeled "formaldehyde compliant" or compliant with the CARB Act (California Air Resource Board, the first state to set these standards for emissions ) yet my boxes or label had no such indication. There was no way to know! I wasn't told at time of purchase, no labeling of what this product contained or that it could be possibly hazardous to my health.

Well, I can tell you since this floor was installed my husband and I have had sore and dry throats with continuos coughing. I had asthma many years ago and have not had a bout with it for years....not until this floor was installed. If I would have known I would not have purchased this product. Would you want your children, animals crawling on this floor?

What if the person was pregnant? I would have liked to have be given the choice to decide....it's my health not Lumber Liquidators! Anyway, all I can say is if you had a problem with this product "DO NOT" roll over and die! Get the word out there and let people know.....keep on posting your complaints where ever you can.

A reputable company does not do this to their customers! I'am in the process of talking to a Consumer Fraud lawyer as we speak and may be filing suit or starting a class action suit. My heart goes out to all the people who have suffered a financial loss to this company and it needs to STOP!

Especially in this economy where every hard earned penny counts!

to Byteme520 Chicago, Illinois, United States #867178

hi. we have been going through the same thing.

we filed with rhe Attorney General in Illinous and we were told even though there are 100's of complaints they couldnt help us!!!They suggested we go to small claims court!!!Please lwt us know what your attorney has said. We dont want to let them get away wirh this!! My email is. Sagapo707@aol.com.

Thanks. Andrea


I have issue with morning star bamboo (2000 sq feet). installed in August 2013.

The floor is separating in at least 12 different places. Contacted LL but they did not even send a inspector to my. I complied with all their request such as filling forms and sending pictures to no avail.

We have installed T moudling to mitigate the extensive separation. However we are still having issues.


We installed 720 sf of the Morning Star Click bamboo flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators in June of 2013. The material finish scratches easy, however, the scratches are the least of our problems.

The cupping started with the shorter pieces in the hallways. By December 2013, the entire installation was cupping and gaps appeared in random areas. When LLI was contacted about the defects, we were informed that the condition was not covered under their warranty.

In reading the various reviews on independent sites for this product, it seems that there is a chronic problem with scratching, cupping and separations.

Lumber Liquidators will use any excuse to avoid any liability for providing their customers with a very poor product.

Our first mistake in selecting our new floor was believing that the reviews on the LLI site were unbiased reviews. The product reviews on the LLI website are "selected" reviews. Gee....I wonder who selects them.

Our second mistake was actually purchasing this product.

We will have to replace our six month old floor and it sure as heck will not be with a product supplied by Lumber Liquidators.

We learned a $5,000.00 lesson the hard way… don’t make the same mistake.

The LLI warranty should be condensed to read: “Warranty is void if material is removed from factory packaging”. STAY AWAY FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS!!!!!!!!!!

Reston, Virginia, United States #597442

I would like to hear from you so I can look at the case and accompanying photos. It takes some investigative work to understand the problem and we're happy to help.

If it's been two weeks I suspect the GDS has been returned with photos so please write to llresponse@lumberliquidators.com with your information so we can take a look. In regards to your comments about manufacturing, bamboo is dried and then subjected to heat during the manufacturing process. The idea the product was produced "wet" then later shrunk is not accurate at all. Once you've seen the production process it's easily understood this is not the case and the gaps you mention may be the product of installation, or site issues, but we also want to understand if manufacturing is a concern based on the added comments you make in regards to grain, so I would like to see this case myself.

In regards to Jessica's added comments, she's only telling one side of the story and excludes the facts. The fact is her own inspection report states there was up to 10% of the product that should not have been installed clearly noted as "waste factor" within the warranty with no boards outside the waste factor in question, and her case is a great example highlighting the need to be present and participate in board selection as installation occurs. There was nothing within her own inspection report to suggest a different outcome or this would have been considered. We use independent inspection services not at all unlike every other flooring seller.

Again, please write to us using the email address provided so I can review the case and assist you. Sorry to hear this happened and would like to help.

to LL Response_ Customer Care_ Ba Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #599264

In repsond to Lumber Luqidators most reacent comment. I have a lawyer. So with that said any further comments you may have, send them to my lawyer.law@blakelawgrouppc.com

to jessica.peterein Chicago, Illinois, United States #646114

Jessica..we have the same problem..we have contacted the attorney general and the BBB...we also sent LL a package of photos and we have been ignored.We had to have all the floors 1500 sq ft ripped out and we cant even get them to contact us..I cannot believe that this isnt a class action lawsuit.....there are 10000's of complaints......

to sagapo707 Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #835009

Maybe I'm a little late getting in on this, but we have had the exact same issue in Texas. We have been ignored for months by LL Customer Service.

Should I get a lawyer? I feel like it's lawsuit time, but it is sure to be a David and Goliath situation.


They will send out a bogus inspector that has no credentials and the report will be in favor of LL. I can promise you that.

That is what happened to us. We then hired our own inspector that was registered with the NWFA, and LL still will not honor their own warranty!

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