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In February of 2014 I completed the installation of LVT Underlay and vinyl planks. In June of 2015 I removed a few and found mold growing on the underlay in 5 months. The underlay is warranted to be mold resistant. It was installed throughout my home and the area I removed was in the middle of front room with no exposure to moisture.

I have made several attempts to remedy this at the corporate and local retail store. After submitting a four page claim with pictures and many calls I was denied because they said I removed the material. I only removed a small portion of the material which was communicated and pictured to their representatives. After several more phone calls I spoke to a manager who said I was denied since they couldn’t verify the moisture level in my home. No one ever came to the house or returned calls.

I have not had time to remove and re-install the vinyl planks and underlay. I need to purchase more planks because some will be damaged and I’m not sure what to do because according to reviews they will not accept boxes if opened and ALL of the previous boxes fell open from just transporting them.

I need to sell my house for financial and health reasons and now with a moldy floor I am going to lose more than if I didn’t have any floor. I am more concerned from the people who have this problem and don’t know it as mold can be deadly if not found in time.

Reason of review: ALL OF ABOVE AND MORE.

Preferred solution: Remove and reinstall the vinyl in my house and replace the planks that will be damaged as a result..

I didn't like: Did not stand behind product or installation.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1179652

Hi Rockill,

Sorry to know your situation and hope you have resolved this.

Did you submit the 4 pages of claim in June 2015?

and could you advise who was the corporate representative?

I am having some really bad mold issue in my house due to flooring from Lumber liquidator.




I have been involved with a few LL mold related problems. My company specializes in mold remediation.

I hold a state of Florida licenses as a mold remedator and assessor. I has been able to help some some owners get relief from their insurance company.

The insurance company has recovered from the responsible parties. Please feel free to contact Brian at Drimaxx 239-565-6557


The original complaint should have said Feb 2015 and not Feb 2014.


LL Response to Mold Issue

Unfortunately this flooring situation is an example of a failure to follow the installation instructions, and excessive moisture from the slab uncontrollable by any flooring seller. Installers (or DIY installations) should never deviate from the install instructions.

The least expensive insurance against a slab producing excessive moisture is the application of 6 mil poly before adding Tranquility underlayment. The pictures show seams from the installation of the underlayment are NOT sealed using a moisture resistant tape as the instructions note, but more importantly the 7 LBS. limit was obviously exceeded with excessive moisture and for this reason this is a site related event as we don't sell any product that would cause mold and moisture issues, but guarding against moisture some products have limits and they are not sold with claims to prevent this from happening. I would add that the photos show a dark concrete surface and continued intrusion of excessive moisture from below the slab wicking up through the concrete suggest a bigger problem with the home and a moisture control specialist should be contacted.

Sorry to hear this happened and hope you can remedy the moisture problem and move forward with the sale of your home.

We would be open to providing some limited support with a store credit to help with the fix, but this is goodwill and not an issue we should rightfully be expected to cover under the warranty.


There is an error in submission. The installation was completed during Februar 2015 not 2014.

The merchandise was purchased at the end of 2014. Sorry

to rockill #1040351

I followed the directions on the package and asked the salesman at the store how to install. Neither the package, website or salesperson instructions indicated that you needed poly first.

More money in addition to replacing damaged planks I have to purchase poly. I didn't count the vinyl in the bedrooms which I now have to take up this just gets worse and worse.

As far as the other reasons I used masking tape to fasten together. The hall did not require tape and it had mold.

The concrete is dark because I stained furniture (months before installation). I totally renovated the home and there was no mold anywhere in the house. The house was vacant for 3 years before we moved in and when we removed the carpet there was no mold, no smell. Lumber Liquidator would know this if they at least sent someone out to look at it.

You chose given the facts from Lumber Liquidators if you would consider this mold resistant - remember floor only down 5 months. This is now the 3rd excuse I have received over the last 3 months, they must have a dart board of excuses and keep trying until something sticks or customers give up.


If you have installed the underlay and haven't had this problem then please contact me at, you may have information that I don't. I'm really worried about reinstalling the planks and having this problem again. I have to say that the vinyl was beautiful, but it will be a long time before I see it again. The smell took 2 days to remove from a small area and washed with bleach and borax at lease 5 times before it was better.

Another 3 days to lay out the planks and allow to dry, then another 2 days to clean and launder the rest of the house because of the released mold spores.

I'm a teacher so I was able to work the entire day.

LUMBER LIQUIDATOR - I am still paying for the floor with your credit card, if the GOODWILL is legitimate you can credit my account. Your reference number is #LTK12166017221876X.

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