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Update by user Jan 14, 2014

I emailed the CEO of Lumber Liquidators and received a reply within 10-15 minutes. He said that he was going to have someone contact me right away, even though it's after 7 p.m.

Within another 10-15 minutes, I received a phone call from the director of customer service for Lumber Liquidators and it sounds like he is actually going to help us.

He assured me that he would call me back tomorrow to discuss a solution to our problem and even followed up the phone call with an email with the CEO copied on it. Hopefully they will actually make this right.

Original review posted by user Jan 14, 2014

In 2011, my husband and purchased all new laminate flooring for our home. We purchased the top of the line laminate flooring that Lumber Liquidators carried, which is their high gloss 12 mm Nantucket Beech laminate, which came with a 30-year warranty.

I would first like to say that our flooring has been VERY well cared for and does not have a lot of traffic at all. Over the past year to year and a half, this floor has looked horrible. The finish on it has greatly faded and there are even several areas where the finish has chipped, even though there has never been an impact on the flooring to cause it to chip. I called our local Lumber Liquidators store and explained the situation in hopes that something like this would be covered by the 30-year warranty that came with the flooring.

The person I spoke with was COMPLETELY useless and basically said that the only thing we could do would be to come into the store and purchase a few boxes of the flooring to replace the boards that had chips/defects in the finish, but that doesn't help us with the rest of our floor with the finish that has completely faded in just over 2 years. The sales rep on the phone then asked me when we purchased our flooring and I told him in mid-2011. He then said that we were out of luck because the manufacturer changed the locking system on the floor and the version of our floor that they sell now wouldn't be compatible with the flooring we have. I then asked about the 30-year warranty and he was totally clueless about it.

After this phone call, I was so mad that I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau 3 weeks ago. Lumber Liquidators NEVER RESPONDED TO THE COMPLAINT!!!! I couldn't believe it! I then emailed customer service for Lumber Liquidators and I was assigned to someone named "Terry," who would be handling my complaint.

I was instructed to email Terry pictures of the flooring and a fill out a form with the details of our complaint, which I did...a week ago. I still have not heard from Terry. I emailed customer service again yesterday and the assured me I would hear from Terry within the next 24 hours. It never happened.

I am absolutely LIVID!

We spent well over $2000 on this flooring, not including accessories (which were also purchased from Lumber Liquidators) and now this flooring looks like it's been totally abused for years and I can't even get one single person at Lumber Liquidators to help me! I just looked up the CEO of LL and sent him an email, so it will be interesting to see if I get any sort of response at all.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, United States #956742

I have the same issues with my laminate flooring. It was suppose to be their top of the line.

It is bubbling, blistering and chipping in areas which are not even walked on. It is just over a year old.

Six thousand dollars later and no response from Lumber Liquidators. Worst mistake I have ever made.


In May 2013 I purchased $5000 worth of Lumber Liquidators top of the line flooring for my new home. I contracted with a professional installer, when the job was finished I was very pleased with the results until a month and a half later I noticed the floor planks started to separate because the flooring was shrinking.

I contacted an inspector to check it and his finding was that the flooring was defective. Lumber Liquidators sent their own inspector and he could not find anything wrong with the floor even though there were 1/4 inch gaps all over the floor. To make matters worse it started coping. Lumber Liquidators would not honor the warranty, they offered $350 in store credit for $5000 worth of defective flooring.

To add insult to injury the settlement they offered was only good for 5 days from the date the letter was prepared. But the letter was postmarked 5 days after it was prepared. Guess they think I am ***. The first thing I checked was the postmark date on the envelope.

My mistake was failing to do my research, I would have discover the massive numbers of law suits against Lumber Liquidators. Now, everyone who ask I advise to stay clear of Lumber Liquidators.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #773518

That's cheap

to Anonymous Poland, Maine, United States #773522

Not for laminate it's not, maybe for regular hardwood. We were also told the flooring had a 30-year warranty, which covered the finish.

Regardless of the price, the point is that LL is not honoring the warranty, for which we have documentation, and they won't even reply to my complaints.

I actually just received a response from the CEO of LL, Robert Lynch, and he said that he will be having someone contact us immediately.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #773510

Its "Lumber Liquidators"......the name says it all. Its discontinued product (some cases defective)......sold at a cut rate.....of course they will not stand behind the product. You went cheap and got burned.

to LTCC Poland, Maine, United States #773513

We didn't go cheap. We paid over $3 per square foot for what was supposed to be a quality product.

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