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Update by user Apr 10, 2013

My complaint has bee resolved and I withdraw my complaint I posted.

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2012

After puchasing and having bamboo flooring installed from lumber liquidators, six months later the floor started cupping(warped and coming up). After having the installer check it out and dealing with lumber liq.

corporate office we still have gotten no satisfaction. The installer said it has to be replaced, but neither one will take responsibility. I strongly recommend not using this company or its installers. We followed all the recommendations from the sales , what kind of floor to out down, how long to cure concrete before installing etc.

The installer stated LL never takes any responsibility and this has been proven to be true.

The woman we dealt with was rude. Consumer beware.

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please disregard all of my statements


I just bought the lumber liquidators morning star bamboo flooring and within weeks it is curling, warping and buckling. Our experts say it was installed properly.

We are ripping the floor up and installing a different floor, not from this company. Based on what I am now reading on the internet - I should have searched before I bought - I don't expect much help from this company.


NEVER BUY BAMBOO FROM THIS COMPANY! They harvest their Bamboo after it grows for only 1 year and Bamboo has to grow 5 to 6 years to reach full maturity.

When are people going to learn that you always get what you pay for. Lumber Liquidators is just that...they buy junk and sell it to consumers.


Yes we did, even longer than required. Still got no satisfaction.

But we have started a social media campaign to warn thousands to stay away from LL.

Also getting NYC tv station consumer reporter to do a story. They picked on the wrong person and I will never stop campaigning to protect other consumers.


Did you allow the wood to acclimate? I didn't see you mention that in your response.


We dealt with customer service re above reply. After an inspection, same old ***.

Not their problem. BEWARE OF LL


Of course their warranty is garbage. They promise you the world and deliver nothing!

Call them up and get the run around. STOP USING LL!

They are a horrible company that don't care about their customers. They only care about chasing the dollar!


Sorry to hear there's been a problem and the installer’s explanation for a cupped / buckled floor are not correct as written. A cupped or buckled floor suggests either the installation was done in error, or there's a combination of site / installation issues fueling this problem.

I would be most interested in understanding this problem further and ask that you contact Customer Care at 800-366-4202 and ask to speak with the Director of Customer Care so I can help you. Let the person answering know I asked you to call please as the information provided within this complaint does not provide a contact number. If an installation issue has occurred, we will hold the installer responsible as this condition is NOT a manufacturing concern covered by the product warranty, but is covered under your installation warranty.

You can view our website using the Customer Care page, or search features on the web to uncover root causes for these conditions to support my statement that cupping / buckling are not a product issue. Thanks again for letting us know a problem happened so we can take steps to help you.

to LL RESPONSE Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #595955

This is OMG so funny. Contact the Director of Customer Care so that you can help.

You have done nothing but yell at me and disrespect me! That is a far cry from helping me get my problem resolved!!


to LL RESPONSE #595960

We purchased over 700 square feet of bamboo flooring, including installation, from Lumber Liquidators. The salesman told us that the bamboo flooring we were looking at was harder and more durable than traditional hardwood and would be a better fit for our home and our family than the traditional hardwood. The installers were careful with the product as they were taking it out of the boxes and preparing for the install. After inspection of the installed flooring we found numerous defects involving splinters, breaks, cracks and the finish peeling off. We also found that this floor scratches and dents easily. As we and the installers walk on it, we frequently hear it cracking.

We have tried to communicate with Lumber Liquidators in getting this resolved however they have not responded to our calls other than to tell us it is the installer's problem. After talking with the installers and showing them our problems with the product the installers say

it is a product issue. We have been getting the run around between Lumber Liquidators and the installers. The installers have taken great pride in their work and my home and family. They have done their best to keep our home safe for our 3 sons. Our youngest is now 1. We can not allow him on the floor because of the splinters and exposed cut wood. This product is as sharp as glass. We have expressed our concerns about this product to Lumber Liquidators and we keep getting the run around. Lumber Liquidators says it is the installer's problem and nothing is getting resolved.

We have suggested a resolution to have Lumber Liquidators pay to have this floor removed and reimburse us for all other expenses regarding this floor. Lumber Liquidators was not amenable to our suggestion.

After almost 4 months of getting the run around we are no closer to getting this resolved. After doing a number of searches about complaints against Lumber Liquidators I was saddened to see the number of others going through this exact same thing but happy as well knowing that we are not the only ones going through this. I am hopeful that someone will help us to get our home back to a fully functional home.

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