The first shipment of wood was defective. One pallet had to be returned/replaced because it was mis-milled (off by 1/8-1/4").

Within six months of installation, the wood had shrunk, causing gaps in the flooring. Also, the water-based polyurethane protective coating had begun to peel away on the edges of the floorboards.

I reported this to Lumber Liquidators on 2/14/14 and finally, on 3/28/14, they sent an independent flooring inspector to assess the cause. His report indicated that the causes were due to environmental issues: The home environment humidity level was not kept to 30-50%, which caused the wood to contract and the flooring coating to peel.

The requirement to keep my home at 30-50% humidity level was never disclosed to me PRIOR to purchase during the marketing/sales/research process; instead I was advised of it AFTER the installation was complete, being expected to sign a form that I was advised of this. I had no choice at that point. I would NEVER have purchased this product had I known this. This information cannot be correct, because prior to having this flooring installed, I had oak hardwood installed for 17 years that never cracked, peeled or gapped. I contend that the wood, that carries a 100-year warranty, is defective; it failed within 6 months and they found an obscure cause that they are now blaming for this peeling.

Despite repeated attempts to get information from Lumber Liquidators, with help from HSS VP, Kristen McLaughlin, to get me in contact with Brian Pullin, Customer Solutions Call Center Director, no one had contacted me. I followed up again today, 4/18/14, by calling the call center, spoke with Robert1, who said that a letter was sent yesterday to me saying that the inspection report stated that the coating peeling was not a manufacturer's defect.

I disagree. Furthermore, if the environment should have been kept to 30-50% humidity as they stated it should have been, this information should have been disclosed to me prior to (during the 9-month research time when I made repeated inquiries about this wood from both Patricia and the Lone Tree store), and upon purchase of this wood. This requirement would have been a critical fact in my decision-making process. In Colorado, the dry climate would have required installation of a central humidifier, which I never would have purchased. This requirement is NOT stated anywhere in any of the marketing material that I have.

Lumber Liquidators is hiding behind this hidden requirement, knowing full-well that this is their practice. I have heard countless stories with other people (former employees, homeowners, customers) who have similar complaints about the Lumber Liquidator products. Furthermore, just take a look at all of the BBB complaints against LL.

LLs employees engage in fraudulent activity to meet their $1 Billion revenue goal, selling inferior products, touting superior quality, yet never delivering on their promise.

This is a Class Action Lawsuit situation. They should deliver on their promise of a superior quality product that can support a 100-year warranty claim, and treat customers honestly and fairly or get out of business.

The negative PR alone against this company is costing them a decline in future product sales and positive public perception. Negative public perception runs rampant and is growing. I feel horribly deceived by this company. It has cost me $25,000 plus endless lost time, energy, aggravation in trying to get what I purchased. Furthermore, now that I am selling my home, the defective flooring is now a huge liability, rather than an asset. LL engages in deceptive Marketing tactics to secure customers and does not fulfill on its warranty.

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I purchased the Brazilian walnut flooring from Lumber Liquidators as well for my whole house and have had the same experience. It continues to keep shrinking and some of the gaps are now up to a 1/4 inch wide.

I've had some health issues so have not been able to try and deal with it. I've had a house humidifier installed on my furnace in my home the whole time so I believe it's just an inferior product.

Was not told about shrinkage problem at time of purchase either. Wish a class action suit could happen for this flooring.


I have these floor and am disappointed to say the least! They have scratched, and look NOTHING like a rich cherry.

Some planks are pale as pine, even after years of exposure. The warranty is a joke.


Thank you.

This helped me to avoid a costly mistake by avoiding Lumber Liquidators and in the very nick of time.



I have been in flooring for 15 years and there is nothing "hidden" about humidity requirements. While the sales person may have been remiss in telling you about it, had your researched wood floors at all prior to the purchase you would have known that relative humidity is a must for wood floors.

The shrinking and swelling caused by unstable humidity WILL cause gapping, cupping, and cracking of strips/planks (planks are more susceptible than strips) and peeling of finish.

Having said that, an ugly floor is the last of your issues. You might want to look up the class action lawsuits again Bellawood and Lumber Liquidators for the products containing formaldehyde and making homes unsafe to live in.

Woodland, California, United States #1018046

The bamboo flooring does the same shrinkage and also will not lock properly. Their inspector said it is our problem, even though we used the Lumber Liquidator installer "Neco Floors and more"


FYI I live in the state of Arizona and had the same experience with Lumber Liquidator. I uncovered that LL and the inspection company used by LL , inspection solutions conspire to lie and change meterial facts of the inspectors reports.

Good news is that local law enforcement is starting a criminal investigation into LL and the inspection company. Hopefully the State Attorney General's office will follow suit. Don't give these idots what they want and walk away in frustration.

They are criminals and will be dealt with in criminal arena. I think it's time for a good detailed backround info check be done on the CEO, President etc, of LL and have a few protests outside his home.

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