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Purchased hard wood flooring through Lumber Liquidators in Lutz, Florida. Their installers, The Floor Pro's owned by Arthur Rosian, installed the floor.

The TOTAL floor failed (cupping) in three days. Neither Lumber Liquidators, Arthur Rosian of The Floor Pro's or their Insurance company HSS would make good on the failed floor. No proper moisture check was performed as per manufacturers instructions. Arthur Rosian was rude, arrogant, and demanding.

Lumber Liquidators could care less that their installer did a horrible job and would not stand behind the product. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else to purchase your hard wood floor.

To spend $10,000 on flooring and have it fail in three days is rediculess.

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I did contact you (HSS). I told you the floor completely failed within 3 days of installation.

Yes, Lumber Liquidators installers are to blame. You (HSS) refused to remedy the problem. In other words HSS was useless. I have been making reviews all over the web.

Angie's list is next.

Want me to stop just contact me by sending a number and or email address and we can discuss why you would not stand behind your warranty. Oh but you should know me I have a law suite against you, Lumber Liqidators and Arthur rosin.


We regret to hear this happened and all HSS installations come with a warranty, so this story is a bit troubling as a simple call to HSS at 877-477-1116 can bring about enforcement of the warranty, so please call them right away. As noted, cupping can be avoided and was either caused by poor installation, or some interior maintenance of the temperature and relative humidity outside the seller, or the installers control, so it's important for HSS to determine the root cause in the event a warranty issue is present.

LL supplied a quality product, so as the seller we support the products finish warranty which was not an issue in this case. Again, we're very sorry to hear this happened.

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