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I would like to say that their restocking fee of 20% is absolutely ridiculous. We bought some $600 worth of flooring for our kitchen and when we got it home we didn't like the match with our counter tops.

When we returned it to the store (all boxes unopened) except one we were told that we had to pay a restocking fee of 20% which came to $120. It was instock in the stores back room and wasn't ordered in! This is the second house we were doing through their store in Fredericksburg, Va, but no longer. Because of the greed of the company we will no longer be a customer at any of their stores.

I understand a restocking fee-but 20%!! That is ridiculous.

$120 dollars just out the window. All the manager on site had to say was-"its company policy".

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I would like to add to my review of Lumber Liquidators that they did contact me and did reimburse me the restocking fee. That does show me that they do care what their customers think...The have just kept me as a customer.

Kandi Kelley :zzz

LL RESPONSE TO RETURN: The store has options when considering a return, but this can be avoid be taking free samples before actually purchasing so there is no need for a return. Returns run the risk of damage occurring while in the possession of a customer and considering some packages are plastic sealed, we can't see the damage and do not want to pass on (unknowingly) material to another customer creating further customer service issues.

The store has options such as converting the restock fee to a store credit so I would suggest returning to the location and request they convert it for you. I will notify the store on your behalf.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #736001

Secret.....technically...nothing is "IN STOCK" at a liquidation store.....they dont carry stock...the liquidate - hence the name....***. quit whinning

to LTCC Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #736704
to LTCC-why don't you go throw $120 out the window and see if you whine. :(

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