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I placed my order on October 22nd of 2012 and was told that the floor could arrive as early as 5 days but as late as 2 weeks.. I called on Monday, 29th to see if we are on schedule and I was told by the store associated that the floor is on Backorder and will not be available for pick up until December 6th.

Keep in mind we planned on the floor to be delievered no later than the middle of November. We had the house painted, carpeted and delayed our furniture delivery 2 times already. Now were talking about another 4 weeks and if I hadn't called I would not have known.

Anyway, after calling the customer service I was told that other stores in the area might have this specific floor and they will try to see how they can get my order on time. A day went by and the store representative, Mike, found the floor in Indianapolis but I was told I would have to pay for shipping. Now we're talking about 2 or 3 pallets of material coming from Indianapolis to Chicago and not to mention the off-size pallets to support the long boxes. I work in the freight business and I figured that this "freight" would cost me somewhere between 500-700. Again, I called the customer service and was sent to a supervisor, Robert Brown. He stated that they will work with me and try to help me with the situation.

After this phone call I received a call from the store. Again it was Mike, and he stated that the specific floor that I ordered was recalled by the manufacturer due to some click lock issue that other customers have experienced and was told that I could stand by and wait or we can come to the store and look at other options. I was told that the material in Indianapolis is no good and that after he called numerous stores they had the same issue. I thanked him for his info and I automatically called Robert Brown to advise him of Mike's findings which he seemed to be surprised as there was nothing in their system stating that there is any type of recall on my floor. I told Robert I will do some shopping around and again I would call him if I need more assistance. I called Mike and told him that I will come by the store and see what we can work out. When the conversation was over, Mike did not hangup his cordless phone, and I was able to hear him shouting to his co-workers "I just saved this order" in a very demeaning and sarcastic singing voice. Frustrated as I was, I hung up the phone and called Mike to let him know that this was not a very professional way to handle this situation and that I will still see him by end of the week.

Bigons be Bigons, I went to the big box stores and found some competitive products but my wife really loved the floor from LL. No one else had anything close to it in design and color. The problem was the waiting period. So, yesterday we go back to the store, we speak to Mike and without much of help we were told that they can accommodate me by giving me a $60 credit. I didn't mention that I already paid close to $4000 for a floor that is no where in sight. As promised I picked up my phone and called Robert Brown, the supervisor at Customer Care, and he told me that if that is all the store can do than that's all he can do and that his manager, who conveniently is never there, would have to talk to the store manager and see if they can work something out. "You should hear form us in the next 2 business days". Frustrated as I was I hung up on Robert. I wasted 4 days of phone calls and listening to 2 different stories from Robert and Mike. And now I have to wait another 2 days for any type of answer which I'm sure I wont get over the weekend so lets call it a full week.

I put my order paperwork on the counter and demanded a refund and to have the store manager to call me so I can express the displeasure with the service. And to make this even more interesting I was told that the original order taker was THE STORE MANAGER. So I asked for the Regional Manager to call me.

As I was driving home I called the Indianapolis store, I asked to check stock on my floor and to no surprise the have about 3/4 of what I would need ready to be picked up and are NOT aware of any click clock issues. I called another store in Wisconsin and they had another 300+ SF which would more then complete my order. And again, when I asked about the "recall" they said they would call me back. I got the call back no later then 10 minutes and was told that there is NO RECALL on this product.

Order cancelled yesterday, So far no call from the store manager, nor regional manager, nor the customer service representative Supervisor.. Frustrated as *** as by the end of the day there were 3-4 different stories about the same product, and none of them had anything in common.

Waiting for my credit to go through so I can buy a floor from a different supply chain.. Any recommendation for Chicago area?

By the way the store in question is Arlington Heights IL.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Having reviewed the complaint I found the customer in our system and spoke with him by phone with a sincere apology. The item is not defective and the balance of material needed could have easily been sent from one store to the customer’s location to complete the order avoiding further delays.

I will continue my investigation, but we were able to complete the transaction and make the customer happy with some discounts for their troubles. There's likely more to this story and I’ll work to gather all the details and reach out to others involved to see what we can learn from this unique experience, meanwhile the customer has my direct contact information if needed. In the grand scheme of things we have thousands of transactions occurring each day without issue and associates are always encouraged to share facts, not excuses.

The customer liked the variety and styles we offered compared to other box stores, so we were able to satisfy their needs and offer a quality product to get the project moving forward. Signed_ LL Dir Customer Care


I should mentikn that Luna is no good either. Lots of run around for carpet and costumer service stunk too.

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