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After the report on 60 minutes what is lumber liquidators going to do to to reaffirm consumers that product is safe?I have there laminate flooring in half of my house.

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You can get an inexpensive kit to test for formaldehyde from Advanced Chemical Sensors, 561-338-3116. Cost: $39/kit (www.acsbadge.com).

These are the tests kits used to test for formaldehyde in FEMA trailers. If you get testing done, could you send the results to 4Becky@cox.net for posting on the website www.toxictrailers.com? The 60 Minutes program didn't show what the levels of formaldehyde are after installation of the product. Even if a CARB 2 compliant material was used, it doesn't mean for certain you have toxic levels of formaldehyde in your home.

FEMA trailers were so bad because they had pressed wood products (many originating in China) everywhere: walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, cabinets, etc. Because of the rush to make so many trailers, a lot of the pressed wood materials had just been manufactured and not given time to cure.

If you don't have a lot of other pressed wood products in your home, the flooring alone might not be outgassing enough to make you sick. This test kit is an inexpensive way to get some basic information if you are concerned about having installed this product in your home.

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