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Update by user Jun 07, 2013

I originated this post and would like to RETRACT everything that I documented about Lumber Liquidators and its affiliates.

Original review posted by user Mar 04, 2013

I purchased Morning Star strand bamboo in May 2012, had it installed (glued to slab) by an LL installer. The installer took every precaution to make sure the installation was by the book. In his words, he had "been burned" by LL before. A month and $15,000 later, the entire floor was cupping. After notifying LL, they sent out an inspector from Inspect Solutions. They may as well have sent out the CEO of LL, his primary job was to create a report that linked everyone except LL to the cause of the problem. The report came back as installer error and what they call "site-related concerns" (which means its my problem and they ain't covering it). After much deliberation, they have decided, that it was all my problem. Apparently, my slab with a 4% moisture content pre-installation and a 4% moisture content upon inspection has a "very high moisture vapor transmission" even though the installer used the recommended glue/vapor barrier.

It is amazing to me that they can actually say these things with a straight face. Hmmm, I wonder why an inspector hired by LL would create a report with such BS to clear LL of any wrong doing.

Apparently, it is well known to the wood floor-laying community that strand bamboo is more prone to cupping...


Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Cape Coral, Florida, United States #1332670

Looks like you got YOUR refund. Why else would you retract that the product is totla junk.

And customer support is non existent.

Ignorant people who want to blame "installation" or "moisture", all without every looking at my floor. I am in the legal profession, and am preparing the case to file in the Florida

Reston, Virginia, United States #618384

Sorry to hear you had an issue with your floor and the installation warranty would cover this problem if you truly have installations issue as described. You never called out the Site related concerns, so it would help to know what this problem was as improper floor care or failure to regulate the interior temperature and relative humidity can cause problems. We cover proper floor care in the warranty and installation instructions. If we sent out an inspector, we upheld the warranty which manufacturers require inspection by an independent firm. This process rings true with ALL flooring sellers so to your comment where you suggest the reports come back in our favor, you're absolutely wrong and such business practices are illegal and totally unethical. We're more than happy to hold a manufacturer accountable when the products at fault, but I can tell you we're not in the business of paying for installation, or Site errors for which both conditions are not within our control. This problem does highlight our strong recommendation to oversee your project even when hiring a professional. When you empower someone other than yourself to oversee the project he/ she is ultimately responsible for acting on your behalf protecting your investment, NOT the seller. I can tell you absolute certainty Lumber Liquidators quality control efforts are some of the best in the business with a significant investment in pre and post production quality. If your floor suffered an issue as you described and the report indicated installation and site conditions were a concern, you should be acting on your installation warranty and not trying to use the product warranty to fix a concern like you described. Misdirection is rather common when you read online postings and the person responsible here is the installer, and yourself for whatever the site related issue may be. We truly regret to ever hear of any customer having a problem with their floor, but no matter where you source materials from this can happen and the instructions are clear on how to avoid it. LL did not "burn" the installer, if he's had the problem before it sounds like he needs to be removed from the program as a repeat offender. I would like to know who this person is so I can follow up with the affiliate provider to look at his / her record. Please contact Customer Care and ask for the Director. I assure you we will address the installer’s record and look for your call, or email. We sell an incredible amount of bamboo and lead the industry in this area of flooring. With thousands of sales a day the risk of something going wrong is always there, and its for this reason we stress customers read and follow the instructions which include overseeing the contractors work. Again, please contact us so we can look into the contractors record and offer up whatever advice or assistance to help relieve this problem.

to LL Response to Bamboo ***cern Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #618908

I will be calling customer care today. In response to your posting, the reason that they gave me for "site related issues" is that my slab (which was poured about 6 months before installation) has a "very high moisture vapor transmission".

Now I am an educated man, but I don't understand how they can make this decision based on what facts they have. The slab had a moisture reading of 4.5% pre-install and a moisture content of 4% upon inspection (after pulling boards). Mapei eco 995 was used for vapor barrier/glue. My baseboards had a low normal moisture reading.

If there is some calculation or meter that can read vapor barrier transmission rates, then I don't understand why they don't use that pre-install to keep this from happening.

If there isn't a meter or calculation to read this, then this is bogus terminology. Also, there was no floor care or temperature regulation issues that I have been made aware of.

As far as the installer, they have now deemed him not at fault which has much to do with my testimonies of his work.

to jrmundie Boston, Massachusetts, United States #625820

I would be interested to get an update on this. Were you able work this out with LL?

to LL Response to Bamboo ***cern Buckhannon, West Virginia, United States #633046

Hey *** they said it was a LL installer. That means you had oversight. I was looking at getting flooring from LL but after much research I'mgoing elsewhere.

to LL Response to Bamboo ***cern #940026

Absolutely lovely how the anonymous customer care personal" read every other response to these reviews" states the exact same thing on almost all reviews. Your "third Party Inspectors" are a line of *** who you pay to state it is an installation issue.

The first inspector sent to my property sent the material was defective and then all of the sudden no one could reach said inspector and my customer care lady informed me they were sending out another inspector. I'm sure everyone can guess what the second inspector said?

The only thing LL leads in the industry is lies and deceit. Terrible company with even worse customer service.

to Anonymous Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1190219

Wonder why the statement was retracted...hmmm...something is amiss

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