I'll admit it, I was tight and wanted to save some money on a DYi 700 ft job. I am a woodworker and have a lot of tools.

If I'd been the average person trying to install what they sold me, I'd be out of solutions other than to install it as it came and have uneven lines. Every box I opened had twisted boards and tongues missing. Pieces left in the ends that the machine didnt remoe at the factory etc. I had to use a digital caliper on every board and set aside many that were 1/16 too narrow or too wide than 2 1/4 inch.

Most pieces weren't over 2-3 foot long. One box I opened nearly every piece was under 18". I bought the Mill run Gunstock oak. Be careful.

You think you're saving money, but then problems appear when trying to install. Is it worth it, using them to save 2-300 bucks over going to Home Depot and at least getting decent quality? Take it from an old Scottish thriftsman who was stubborn and tried to save 300. You just cant do a decent flooring job when boards vary in thickness from box to box and tongues are missing.

Go to Home Depot. I'm convinced this company must buy stock from others that are liquidating because of defects or two small of size. Oh, one more thing.

Buy the real felt paper, not the thin stuff they sell you.

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