I am in the hardwood flooring industry as a contractor and when homeowners ask me to install their flooring that they bought themselves from LL I tell them no thanks. I have heard of stories after stories of how their bamboo is warped and twisted, their warranties are garbage and every story that I have read on this site is a story I've heard a thousand times.

Remember people all their flooring are closeout and discontinued items. They buy cheap materials from China and try to sell it to you. Here is some best advice I can give you- hire a flooring contractor and buy material from a hardwood floor distributor. You will pay higher prices but you will get a better grading of wood, a better milled wood, a better selection of wood and much better results in a finished floor.

All distributors will take unopened boxes or bundles of flooring as long as it isn't a special order.

Most wood are always in stock also. BOYCOTT LL!!

by the way it must be a full time job for the guy from LL who writes all the compants regaurding these complaints

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Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #1137115

You are right......This company is a joke! What ever you do....DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Yorktown, Virginia, United States #704298

I had LL install bamboo floors throughout my home seven years ago and they are still beautiful. Warped products should have been returned to LL within 30 days.

My mothers five year old laminate floors look great. I would go to LL again.



Im sticking with the contractors opinion. Your customer service is horrible.

Your company has an answer for every complaint. I guess practice makes perfect. How do you expect the installer to visually inspect each piece of flooring is a joke. The money saved on material will surely be wasted by the time needed to inspect each piece.


If you put down a defective piece and dont notice until you are on the next line they expect you to repair it.

I am warning anybody who reads this. Do Not Buy From This COMPANY!!!


As a homeowner who just experienced a bad experience with a LL, I agree with the installers. Given the number of bad on-line reviews, I would assume there has got to be some truth to it all. LL's respones are pretty weak!


"the bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of the price has faded"

-Aldo Gucci


Armstrong flooring did a study on Bellawood and found 50% of each box was unusable. CHECK IT OUT


that is a very interesting comment- how much did LL CEO make last year? What is the mark up of your product-mainly from China?

who is really filling their pockets? Marking up product is smart business. Better products cost more money. The bottom line is - you get what you pay for.LL sells garbage and as all the comments on this site with all the other site that are FULL of complaints with customer service and bad product and worthless warrenties- just google Lumber liquidator complaints just proves how worthless a company LL is.

We will see how long LL is around. I will keeps tabs and keep posting info that I find about this "honest" company


Interesting post considering LL is the nation's largest supplier of flooring because of repeat business from VERY satisfied and dedicated customers, not to mention those looking for the best prices in flooring in the business. Your posting lacks credibility because Lumber Liquidators does NOT just sell close out and discontinued items.

We sell top of the line Bellawood delivered as raw material, inspected, tested, and produced as the finest brand of hardwood flooring with a transferrable warranty offered by no other manufacturer. Yes we sell products from China too - Brand new in the box also quality tested and offered at some of the lowest prices. I have these floors in my home and have for years so speaking from personal experience your dead wrong with your assessment of LL. This kind of posting is typical of hardwood flooring contractors who make extra money when you buy from their sources pocketing extra money in addition to installation prices so don't be fooled by these comments.

Our policy for returns is clearly posted and we accept returns, but no one’s taking back material kept in unknown storage conditions and his statement suggests you can buy product someone else already had for many months if not years before it's sold to you. As for your final comment, I'm dedicated to rendering decisions based on facts and online postings can lack details of the root cause so we look at these as educational opportunities on how to avoid problems with poorly installed, or inadequately maintained floors. The fact here is we sell to thousands of satisfied customers each day and if our company was doing such a disservice I would be way too busy to respond.

I suspect the reason there's time to make such a posting may come from turning away customers interested in having flooring installed and your comments couldn't be any farther from the real truth about LL. You may want to rethink your position here as more people catch on to the pricing situation under the scenario you mention less people are likely to want to fill your pockets, and those of your over priced suppliers.

to LL Response to person claiming Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #605710

I have been thinking about buying from LL, but your comment scares me more than the complaints. Good companies do not attack the credibility of customers, even when the customer is wrong.

past the hyperbole, many of the folks citing problems here didn't just make up the fact that they had issues. If they weren't your responsibility due to installers, the posts would still indicate that your company was very unresponsive in helping to determine whether or not this was the case.

Your response is in no way reassuring to those of us thinking about purchasing from LL.

to ***cerned #613941

I bought clic lock lanimate flooring from LL. I installed it my self and it has been in for about 6 months.

My floors look great, and there are no issues with seperating warping etc.. the finish is like new and i have 4 kids and big dogs so it takes the abuse like a champ and it only cost $.64 a square foot. As a side note i left a 1 foot scrap piece laying on end of the porch just to see how durable it really was. After a month of rain, snow and freezing weather, it looked exactly the same as the day i put there.

So yeah i would buy from them.

to LL Response to person claiming Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States #667162

First off I don't know for sure if you are the largest supplier or not, but I can tell you that being so big like you are is one of the biggest problems you have. Your sales team has very high turnover and they tell customers false information on a consistent basis.

Second of all I cant tell you how many times I have read the same thing about LL and pushing the blame to the installer or whoever else besides LL. What you don't tell everyone is that the quality on your products are not all as superb as you say they are. Take for instance your bamboo. I have seen several complaints that your strand bamboo cups, gaps, and then on top of it you are pushing click solid products that you have a 50/50 chance of not having any problems with.

Your strand bamboo only rates out at like 2900 on the janka scale which is pretty much the lowest in the industry and then you sale it for like .10 cents cheaper then competition. Why is the Janka rating so low?? That's because they harvest the bamboo before it is fully matured. You provide no info about the finish of your floors and that is one of the most important parts of the floor.

This is not to say that all your products are bad, but the only thing you are consistent with is your responses to all your pissed off customers. The funny thing is when you go to your actual website all you see are good reviews. When you go outside your website all you see are pissed off customers.

Granted I know you cant please everyone, but there are thousands and thousands of complaints that point in the same direction with Lumber Liquidators. I do think its funny that you attacked the contractor on his thoughts.

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