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My husband and I purchased $20K of bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Pelham, AL last September (2014). We had just purchased our dream house and were performing a series of major renovations, one of which was replacing the existing flooring and carpet with bamboo flooring. Lumber Liquidators HIGHLY recommended a company, Commercial Building Maintenance, to install the floors.

As soon as the floors were installed in October, we quickly covered them because we had more work being done in the house (painting, bathrooms being demo'd and renovated, kitchen gutted) and we didn’t want the workmen tracking dirt, spackle, paint, and whatnot on the new floors. Three months later I uncover the floors and start cleaning. I discover that the bamboo quarter round has nails sticking out and splintered pieces all over the place. Some of the quarter round is coming out because it was never fixed in place correctly the first time. Bamboo boards are separating. There are sinking spots throughout the entire main floor. The bamboo was not properly cut around the fireplace. In short, a horrible job of shoddy workmanship.

I stop at Lumber Liquidators in early January, 2015 and show the pictures to the manager, Mark. The installation is under warranty and I want the issues resolved. I ask for someone else to address the problems. Mark refuses to believe that Ozzie did the crummy work because the man has an amazing reputation. He convinces me to contact Ozzie because “he will do the right thing and correct the problems.”

I contacted the owner of Commercial Building Maintenance and after rounds of phone tag, he finally comes to the house in February. He lies to me and tells me that bamboo cannot be pre-drilled because it is too hard and the splintering is normal. I provide evidence from the manufacturer that the floor quarter rounds should have been predrilled. I show him the fireplace and the sinking areas. He reluctantly agrees to come back with his company and fix everything, to make good. I don't hear from him for a month. I call him in March and he has died. No, I’m not making this up. His widow has dismantled the company. At this point, I contact HS and start dealing with Elyssa Howard. After six weeks of emails, 2 different inspectors, and multiple phone calls, I discover that HS will pay another installer to address the issues but I have to pay $5300 for "items that weren't done by the first installer"--floor prep ($4800), cutting around the fireplace ($150) and moving furniture ($300).

I checked the warranty that is featured prominently on the Lumbar Liquidators website:

HSS Protection Plan

The Home Service Store, Inc.'s (HSS) 1-Year Limited Installation Warranty


"In addition to any warranty extended to the customer directly from the manufacturer of the product or materials used in the installation, the independent contractor will separately warrant that all of its work substantially conforms to the manufacturer's recommendations and follows industry standards and quality guidelines and that, upon notice from customer, it will correct any faults related to defective workmanship or mis-application of the product at no additional cost to the customer. Should the independent contractor fail to honor its warranty, for a period of one (1) year from the date of substantial completion of the work, upon notice to HSS and only if the work is determined to have been performed in a manner inconsistent with industry standards, HSS will assist in the resolution of such defective work. If the warranty work requires the replacement of a product that is no longer available, the customer agrees to accept a reasonable product match"

Funny that I am being charged additional costs in an obvious violation of the guarantee. I completely understand that this is a weird situation. But protection plans exist for a reason, and the reason is to engender consumer trust.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Avoidance of responsibility, Customer experience.

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Also, there's suppose to be 1/2" space around the perimeter of the floor- including fireplace. If that wasn't done that's a very basic error that illustrates questioning the company as a professional floor installer.

I contacted the NBC New York news station- you should too if you think they didn't properly authorize their advertised "prescreened" installer.

Appears careless all in the name of increasing their installation pool to promote mass sales. My opinion.


If you paid with a credit card see if you can dispute the charges based on services not performed as promised. Also, request to HSS for a copy of the paperwork submitted to them by the company to be authorized as a installer.

A local new station in New York did a consumer piece where Corp Lumber Liquidators stated general contractors aren't floor installers. If HSS authorized them based them presenting themselves as a general contractor and not a "professional floor installer", after all, their advertisements have them touting them as "professional installation specialists", then the argument is they incorrectly authoriZed them. Ask how many floors has the contractor had to fix AND/OR replace? Clearly they did not real the instructions- as in my recommended installer's case.

He replaced 3 floors this last year- yet HSS REFERRED him to me. He is only a carpenter. Also, file a complaint with your State Attorney General for all three- LL, HSS, and the contractor. Ask the questions- get documented answers if they refered a GC to you, not a "floor installer".

Morning Star Bamboo is a difficult product to assess correct conditions to install- and requires expensive moisture meters with knowledge of how to read and use them (not the same as humidity reading of the air). Also ask if LL approves HSS authorizing General Contractors to be authorized and represented thru advertisement to be professional floor installers. Answers on paper thru the State Arrorney General's office should help when you present them with the fact that they don't suggest using General Contractors yet HSS appears to authorized them and LL continues to use HSS for their services, indicating approval. Also check out the complaints on consumer affair's website. Hope that helps

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