I spent an incredible amount of time putting down a laminate floor made sure all the pieces were not defective in any way. With in 4 weeks the corners were popping up and so I pulled up the floor and replaced the bad boards and again the corners stated popping up.

I was impressed with this product at first, it went together nice and tight and looked great at first. Now I would never buy this ever again and advise anyone who was looking at flooring there not to buy from them. I'm a contractor and do remodels all the time and have had no problems before with other products. Lumber liquidators is producing the worst flooring on the market don't buy it or its going to cost you...

All they have to do is claim the floor wasn't installed right and then its not their fault even though it is their product that is the problem. It ended up costing me a lot of money so be careful.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #766616

Please contact me regarding Lumber Liquidators. I work for a firm in NYC and we are planning to bring an action against Lumber Liquidators for false advertising and harmful products. I can be reached at 917/301-0430.

David Cohen


Hurst, Texas, United States #637278

I read the LL response and am not at all surprised. The way the supposed LL customer no-service rep ended their comment basically proves what most of the reviews say, namely that they don't stand behind their products and will find ANY lame way otu of a warrant.

They wouldn't even use their actual name to sign off, just used a generic title.

Wow, haha, not surprised. :roll

Reston, Virginia, United States #622335

Sorry to hear this happened, but let's recap how you tell this story. The product came out of the box without issue and then 4 weeks...4 weeks later began to suffer an issue and started curling up.

Claiming to be a contractor does not mean the floor was installed right, nor does it mean the floor was properly cared for after installation. The "other products" you mention are found on the internet as well with the same type of common complaints, so this is not an LL issue, but one any consumer sourcing materials from any supplier can suffer from if not installed properly, or cared for after installation to the manufacturers recommended installation instructions. Our process of gathering information to understand a flooring problem is one of the most thorough in the business as a leading seller of flooring products. We have no hesitation at all holding a manufacturer accountable for valid defects where the product is at fault, but we're not in the business of replacing floors when installation or site problems occur.

We offer advice on how to fix such concerns, but NO seller should be expected to compensate for user error. We provide more information than any other flooring seller on how to install properly and offer professional installers by phone, and within stores to help insure all goes well. Again, sorry this happened, but we would need more details other than an anonymous posting to understand the case.

We go as far as offering a few boxes to help fix a floor depending on the issue, but it’s not reasonable to expect we’re going to replace a floor that’s curly from moisture intrusion which happens to be the number one flooring issue to solve before putting down ANY flooring product. Signed LL Director of Customer Care

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