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I have been a succesful dance studio for 10 years and was finally able to exspand my business for my community. Offering more dance classes, before and after school programs, and childcare!

In this process, of course I would need new FLOORs, leaving behind my old laminate dance floor of 10 years that lasted GREAT!

I callled around and the cheapest was Lumber Liquidators.. Did I not know it was cheap for a reason.. I should have read the title.. "hardwood floors for less" they need to change it to, after you buy you get less for what you paid for.

I bought 1,239.60 sq of Nirvana French Oak 8mm with pad. I also bought the silent sounds padding that they told me I needed.

I spent month talking to the company online, phone, and in store.. making sure I was buying the right floor for the SAFTY of my dancers and babies!

After installing it, and it was a pain in the ***.. half the boards we could not use because they were already chipped or broken. But, with in 3 weeks after dance classes, the floor was coming apart. I don't think a class of 3 year old pretending to be butterflies are going to make the floor move and come apart. When this happened, i called costomer service.

I should have known, I would have better luck talking to myself.

I told them... this floor is for dance..and PLEASE... the time to file is time and safty for these children.. THEY DID NOT CARE!!

My case manager was on vacation, must be nice. I have not had a vacation in years with my business..

Then I called and asked to get a different one and that I was worried for the safty of these children dancing on it, but, I am a small business. I just can't shut down for a week or 10 days for them to figure out whats going on.. My business dose not pay me!! like the big corpreates..

After sending in pictures and calls, I get a letter 6 pages long on telling me how it was all my fault... my floor is doing what it is doing..


How was it I was able to take care of a laminate floor for 10 years and now i can't for 3 weeks!!

And the lack of respect from the company.. to mail me a letter. How many times did I say, i have kids, babies, adults, on this floor and for the safty of respect, time is a factor and they still mailed me a letter..

I have had the State Fire Marshel here, Zoning, you name it on this project for the SAFTY of my dancers and my costomers that come into my business. BECAUSE I CARE!! for there safty unlick Lumber Liqiadtors..

I never exspected anything from them. I just wanted to know what to do to make this floor safe for my kids.. and they could not do that for me.

I will NEVER, NEVER, buy another thing from this company and want EVERY PARENT to know that it is not SAFE to buy a floor though them. That they do not care if the floor comes apart and a child gets HURT!!! They just want to send you a 6 page letter saying its all your fault!

IT's sad these days that companines are doing this...

I knew nothing about floors. I am a dance teacher and Childcare provider. I care about making kids happy and having a safe envoroment for them..

As soon as I can rasie money and notify my local business around me about the safty of my floor, I will be replacing it. I WISH I had the money to do it now for the safty of these kids.. but, money dose not grow on trees and well, the dance classes pays the rent with with no profit I can't get a new floor. I tell the dance parents this is sad and hope I did not loose business as a parent dose not want their child on a floor that is un safe for them.. I am doing everything I can to make it safe till I can replace it with a company that stand behind there product and has a heart!!

So, with this sad, I wish I had seen this page sooner as I would have NOT bought a floor through Lumber Liqidator if I had known that there floors where not SAFE!!

Monetary Loss: $3011.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #766627

I am an investigator for a NYC firm looking into such matter. Please contact me at dcohen@zlk.com or 917/301-0430 regarding your concern.

David Cohen

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #751513

The problem started when they sold this customer the extra pad. This is something that LL does.

Keep getting the add on sales even if the job does not require it. You can add an additional pad to a 12mm laminate. No problems in most cases. Adding it to an 8mm was just foolish.

So yes it sounds like the flooring was not installed properly but the customer was also sold something they didn't need.

I have no axe to grind with LL, I still send people over to get flooring. I just tell them in advance what to buy and to not buy any of the extras they will try to push on you.

to Former LL ***t Manager #985047

Yes, as soon as I saw the "extra pad", I shook my head. This product comes with pad on the back of each board.

They website plainly says "do not use extra pad with this product". So fault goes with LL store she was working with. I have had the Mountain Pine version for 3 years which I installed myself (63 yr old woman at the time) and have had no problem at all. We even had a water leak in the utility room and a coffee pot overflow.

both were cleaned up relatively quickly with no detriment to the floor. One additional tip, the guy at our Oklahoma City store even went as far to say don't buy the "customer installation tool kit", get the professional. He was absolutely right.

My husband had bought the former and that tool was useless. So the store personnel makes a difference!

Utica, New York, United States #719760

Same thing -brand new house, brand new subfloors and the contractor won't give me any warranty on installation because it's "LL ***". After two rooms installed plus two more to go already in ONE DAY it's coming apart.

I was told they get it for pennies in china.

Can't believe I fell for their scam, tried to save more I lost.

Buy USA product ONLY!!

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #641954

I bought a sister product of this floor, the 8mm Mountain Pine by Nirvana. We installed over 600 square feet of this flooring.

I have 5 children. They lived on this floor for 3 years and then we moved and I converted my home into a rental property. We have had tenants living on it for another 2 years.

We have only experienced minor issues despite having a pipe break and leak onto and under the floor. I would have to agree that directions were not followed in installation if you experienced issues so quickly.


I also have floor falling apart in a new home too something should be done about this ?


I spoke with the customer in question about the evidence gathered and the photos revealed an improperly installed floor. The customer was provided details about the concerns and I later followed up with a call to discuss our concerns with the extreme lack of stagger space between joints and the possible absence of a moisture barrier.

The plan is to put the installers of the flooring in contact with our Tech / Install pros so we can help them understand the corrections needed to repair the mistakes and provide a proper installation that will last for many years to come as intended when she made her investment. This case highlights the need for a proper installation as the issues found are not the result of a defect, rather improper installation and we're working to help her overcome this problem, including some free product to help with much needed repairs that will generate some waste through the process. We apologized for the troubles, but as the seller we do not control the installation process and wish to help a customer in need.

The customer appreciated the call and the steps we’re taking to help her correct the floor. Signed _ Dir Customer Care

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