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Well, it seems LL is having their problems! After reading all the complaints from consumers and installers I'am not surprised.

Their stock, on November 15, 2013 was at $119.44 and as of July 15, 2014 it is at $53.48. This is what you get when you have bad products and really bad customer service! Not to mention their shareholders are also suing them for a decline in their stock due to illegal logging and using excessive amounts of formaldehyde in their composite and engineered wood flooring that exceed the legal levels. I've read hundreds upon hundreds of complaints on Lumber Liquidators!

Now, I'm not saying Lumber Liquidators is always wrong but I'am also saying, neither is the customer! I have to say, out of all the complaints I have read, I have only seen maybe once or twice where the consumer was offered a store credit. So after going through months of aggravation if not over a year of complaining they want you to purchase more of their product, or should I say, "aggravation." They also won't give you a penny for the installation you paid or the cost of removing their defective product. My installation alone was $1800.

They don't work with you but against you. Eventually, like in their declining stock, it will hit them where it their pocket!

Original review posted by user Jul 07, 2014

Lumber Liquidators is the dollar store of retail flooring. I bought the Morning Star Bamboo and it's junk.

One of the reasons I bought this floor is because they advertise it being "green" can it be green if it has formaldehyde in it! Would you want your children playing or crawling on this floor? My husband and I have both experienced sore & dry throats and it has a very distinct smell. We were fine before this floor was installed.

After 2 months when it was installed we started getting large gaps and separations that ran the whole perimeter of one wall. The installers came and repaired it and 3 months later it happened again. Called LL and they sent out one of "their " inspectors....what a joke this guy was. We went by all the guidelines, bought a humidifier, meter,....the works!

Literally baby sat this floor.....which is totally ridiculous but we did it and this guy still found fault. I have come to the conclusion it really doesn't matter what you do because they will find a reason to blame you or the installer. They have a nice little racket going on. And their 30 warranty......doesn't mean diddley squat!

That's even a bigger joke! All I can say is don't let their low prices fool you. If you buy from them and have a problem it will be the biggest headache of your life.

Just read the reviews because they are telling you the truth....I know, because I was one of their victims. If you are reading this and decide not to buy their products then you are one of the lucky ones!

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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LL Response for Shrinkage, Gapping, and Formaldehyde comments: Bamboo is a grass and regenerates quickly compared to trees which are where the "green" label comes from. Most every manufacturer for bamboo and other types of flooring have some degree of formaldehyde for bonding the strands together.

Formaldehyde is in a variety of home and health care products. The product is safe and if it wasn't we would not sell it. As for shrinkage and gapping, this is a common problem when the floating floor is not installed as designed and when investigating these type of claims its not at all uncommon for us to find the install instructions were not followed. When you understand how a floating floor works and install it properly, all goes well and customers are more than satisfied, however when ignored or not followed o the letter you can experience problems and these types of variations to the instructions are experimental and never recommended.

A floating floor cannot be installed in open floor plan applications without also installing T-moldings designed to reduce the area to a smaller size so when natural expansion and contraction occurs it won't produce excessive gaps. A floating floor locks together creating one unit whereas a tongue and groove floor will go through dimensional changes within a single plank. Best advice, if you have an open floor plan and multiple room applications trying to use a floating floor to save money on installation may only cost you in the end as a tongue and groove floor nailed down over a wood subfloor, or a glue down application over concrete may be the proper way to install flooring. These types of issues are found among other sellers with customer complaints identical.

The problem is not product related, rather tied to a much smaller group of customers who either fail to follow the instructions, hire contractors who short cut the instructions, or fail to care for the floor once installed. It’s not uncommon to receive disclosures where customer openly admit to never reading the warranty, install instructions, and floor care requirements, yet file a complaint where these guidelines were not followed. Hiring an independent third party inspector is not a “joke” and is a very costly venture to uncover exactly what went wrong so it can be repaired. If a problem still exists it suggests not all corrections were made, or done so properly.

Manufacturers require inspections before they will pay a claim and only inspections where the products truly faulty will result in a claim filed. We use the same national companies other sellers use for this industry wide service. Best advice when shopping for bamboo, just because a click floor is easy to install, it doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your project needs. This rings true for all bamboo flooring sellers and if you don’t want to install t-moldings to break up the larger areas including open floor plans that exceed 30 feet in length, you need to shop for tongue and groove bamboo flooring when dimensional changes occur within a single plank and t-moldings are not a necessity.

We want every floor to be a showroom for our products and to think we take any pleasure in denying a customer who has installed the floor incorrectly, or cared for it outside the guidelines is equally frustrating to us as a retailer.

We offer quality products at low prices, but the journey must include a proper installation with floor care that adheres to the manufacturer’s requirements for complete satisfaction. Sorry to hear you’re unhappy, and if you’re still having issues our Tech & Installation team can help with free advice.

to LL #838104

I appreciate your reply but let's start from the begining when I first stepped foot into one of your stores. My husband and I asked all the questions we could being a first timer.

We originally were going to purchase a nailed down hardwood floor but we had a particle board subfloor. Your sales person did mention that this subfloor would not work and would have to be replaced with plywood. It wasn't the expense but really didn't want to go through the hassle of ripping up two rooms and a hallway of particle board just to install this floor. So he mentioned a "floating floor" and said this could be installed over the particle board subfloor.

We were thrilled and picked out your "Morning Star Bamboo." Not once did he mention the problems with humidity or that I would need to buy a humidifier and what would occur if this humidity level was not consistently kept up. The salesman said he would have an installer call me the next day to set up an appointment to measure. This was not a contractor I hired. They came and measured and also did a moisture reading and everything was ok.

The bamboo was delivered to my home and was sat in the adjoining room from where it was to be installed. The boxes where opened and acclimated for approximately 4 weeks before it was installed. After about 2 months I started getting large gaps and shrinkage along the perimeters of the walls. I called the installer and he told me it was probably the humidity and my house was too dry.

So I went out and spent almost two hundred dollars on a very large humidifier (which I have to say was very upsetting because it looked like ***) and sat it between the two rooms. I literally had to baby sit this floor! Still, the gaps proceeded and started to un click from the locking mechanism. Finally the installer came back to investigate and said I needed to have transitions installed.

I was really getting aggravated at this point because I was never told of the transitions by your salesman or the installer. Now you may say this is the installers fault and I would have to agree but I also feel this should of been discussed with us by your salesman since you claim that they are experts and very knowledgable. We had brought a layout of our floor to your store to show it to your salesman on our initial visit. He could have clearly seen where the transitions were needed!

And from what I have read recently regarding a floating bamboo floor you have to have transitions when going from one room to another or if you have a hallway. I didn't want these transitions because it does take away the beauty of a flowing floor but I agreed to let the installer put them in. Ok, the repair was done and three months later , here we go again! Gaps and separations in both rooms and the hallway!

So now you send out an independent inspector that does not work for you but is paid by you! It was very obvious I was dead in the water before he even got started! What really threw me for a loop was when he took his heavy tool bag and laid it on one end of his level while measuring my floor. Let's please note here, this is a floating floor and will move up and down when you walk on it so applying pressure to one end of his level, the reading will obviously be off.

I questioned what he was doing and he responded with "Ma'am...I'm a professional, just let me do my job." He was very rude and said he would not disclose his findings but he knew what my problem was! When he left my husband (who is in the building contracting business) took his own level without putting pressure on one end as your inspector did and got a normal reading. The leveling ball was in-between the lines! So, two weeks later I get my denial letter saying it was because my floor wasn't level and the humidity was 48% ....isnt that between the 30 to 50% that is needed to maintain this floor?

Also there was a molding strip that was tacked down on one end of the room that wouldn't effect the perimeter wall in the adjoining room with the transitions. The installer only tacked this down because after glueing it several times after the transition was put in it kept coming up due to the gapping. I find it very irritating that your company always finds fault with the consumer or the installer. Is it that hard to admit that this is a defective product?

Is all the wood or bamboo you sell perfect? I find it ridiculous what you have to do to maintain this floor and the fact that it is never mentioned upon purchase. Obviously it is all about getting the sale.

Now as far as this product being "green" as you advertised!

Yes, there are many products that contain formaldehyde, yours being one of them. That's like corn being advertised as organic but it contains GMO's! In 2010, President Obama signed into law The Formaldehyde Standards For Composite Wood Products. It is identical to California's strict standards of emissions (CARB) which was put into law in 2009.

Your company (Lumber Liquidators) boasts that their formaldehyde levels are compliant with California's strict standards of emissions and it's labeled on the box! Your Chinese flooring was tested by two accredited laboratories in California and found the levels to be 3.5 times over the legal level. This is in gross violation of the CARB act and the Standards Act for Compressed Wood Products President Obama signed into law to protect all states in the U.S.. I have the label and the box that my wood was delivered in and "NO WHERE" is it indicated the product is "formaldehyde compliant." I would think anyone who has had asthma, pregnant, children, animals would have concerns!

My husband and I have both experienced sore and dry throats and nausea. Your reply to this was "after a year I shouldn't be feeling any of the emissions from the formaldehyde." I had to laugh at that one because, I guess it doesn't matter if the formaldehyde gave us problems from the beginning because it's not doing it now......really? I have had asthma and haven't had a problem in years.....not until this floor was installed. My doctor when first diagnosed said it was bronchitis and treated me with antibiotics (this was before I knew about the formaldehyde in this product.) But now eight months later I'am still experiencing the same symptoms which are the same symptoms you experience when exposed to formaldehyde.

In closing, all I wanted was what I paid for. When consumers go to your store they put their trust in your sales people in hopes that they will educate them in the products they choose and that you honor the warranty that is given with such product, and not be misled or have information held back regarding the conditions needed to maintain said floor, only to obtain the sale.

It saddens me when I read the complaints of so many people who have saved their hard earned money to buy your flooring only to suffer a financial loss....especially in this economy where every penny counts! I don't want to get into a "world of words war" here but seriously......we all can't be wrong!

to Byteme520 Haymarket, Virginia, United States #943289

Wow, I am sorry to hear and see someone (multiple people) going through almost exactly the same lack of customer service I am experiencing with LL. The only responses I have gotten are why it's my fault that the material is cupping, gapping, and easily scratches.

I also went through the same process of pulling it up and fixing the gapping only to have it all happen once again and worse. The product is terrible.

Just admit it and make it right.

to DonB Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #953169

I was told it was a) my fault then b) my installer. I have asked other retailers about the service I received at LL.

I was told that it is rare for a retailer to take responsibility for the product the warranty often apples to the finish. But, good retailers buy good product and don't have the same customer service problems.

to DonB #953205

It doesn't matter what you say or do! Once you pay for the flooring Lumber Liquidators is done with you.

And the warranty ....that's another joke.

Don't even question yourself because it doesn't matter if you did everything right because they will pass the blame on you or the installer. Your floor could be splitting, shrinking, blistering (which is the product not you or the installer) and they will come up with some lame excuse. What it comes down to is this is a very bad company that has set up a system through the HSS (Home Service Store) and the installers they hire to relieve Lumber Liquidators of any responsibility. The installers pay around 15% of the installation to HSS.

My advice to you or anyone else is to bring them to small claims court or if your loss exceeds that amount file with the Superior Court of your state (Special Civil Part). Don't know if any of you watched "60 Minutes" about the formaldehyde in their laminate products from China but Lumber Liquidators are the *** of the earth. They lie and will do anything to make a profit even if it means putting the customers health in jeopardy. Believe me ...there are way to many stories exactly the same as you and I are going through and we all can't be wrong!

Like I said before ....THIS IS A BAD company!

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