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I ordered trim online from Lumber Liquidators for a recent flooring install. The items I needed were listed as "in stock," and the shipping time indicated I would receive my purchase within 7 0 14 days.

My charge card was billed. Here I am, a month later, with no product. When I contacted Lumber Liquidators, they said that information was only an estimate, and that the product was still in their warehouse, and they couldn't tell me when it would be shipped. I asked how they can run a business by collecting money without doing their part of the transaction .

. . shipping the product! No response .

.. I guess they CAN run a business that way! Their website brags about the A+ Better Business rating . .

. what a joke!

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LL Response to shipping and available concerns:

Without more details it's hard to tell exactly what the issue here may be. Know that we have thousands of transactions that go through without a hitch, so the way trim pieces are sourced they're most often in stock unless the piece(s) are considered custom ordered items.

We're sorry this happened and there must be more to this issue that would cause the order to be delayed, but the posting does not provide any information to track and understand the problem. Please contact LL Customer Care so we can research, understand what happened, and make this right for you. Our A+ rating is a measure of satisfaction and for the volume of business we generate where things go well and customers are more than pleased with their overall experience. Please call 800-366-4204 for assistance. Thank you for letting us know there was a concern.

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