I purchased 928 Sq. feet of Clarion Chesapeake laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators.

Five weeks are having the flooring installed it started cupping and warping. I filed a complaint with the coustomer service department. I furnished two flooring inspector and plumbing inspections reports stating the flooring had been installed correctly and there were not leaks or moisture isuues involved. I furnished a DVD with 41 photos.

Lumber Liquidators never even offered to have somebody look at my floors.

They sent me a letter telling me they would NOT take any action regrading my flooring. Lumber Liquidators is horrible place to do business.

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The assessment you provided does not make sense when you consider the facts of what causes a floor to cup and buckle. We do stand behind our products, but we do not cover damages caused by a consumer’s use of the floor after being installed.

The warranty is a finish warranty not at all unlike other sellers, however it clearly states what is, and what is not covered and cupping and buckling are caused by either your maintenance of the floor for cupping, and buckling is an installation concern so the reports you mention are either inaccurate, or do not properly identify the root cause root cause and you should get your money back for bad report. We appreciate your shopping with us and make every effort to educate customers on proper floor care and installation processes, so this posting is an example of what to expect when you ignore, or fail to follow these documents as NO seller will cover such a problem no matter where you buy flooring. You can find these same types of complaints searching other sellers where customers seek help from manufacturers for issues they caused when failing to follow the instructions for a sound installation.

Sorry to hear this happened, and if we sent you a letter it came with helpful hints on how to address these problems. Please follow the instructions we supplied to help improve the condition of your cupped and buckled floor.

to LL Response to CUPPED and BUCK #761116

The bs votes must be bs themselves. I have a similar issue.

Look at the reviews. Go to the BBB and go to some of the class action suit web sites

This company must be held accountable

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