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Purchased Nirvana Laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Pittsburgh PA. Once purchased was told all sales were final - no returns. Prior to instaLlation my contractor and myself realized just how inferior this product was. The floor crumbled in my hands with little pressure- but I was stuck - I couldnt return the product! What to do? So I installed it. My daughter dropped a plastic hairbrush and the floor dented and the wood grain covering peeled off. This floor is simply pitiful. I did the right thing and contacted the Customer service office. I then sent a letter with 3 pieces of sample board for their quality team to examine. And then emailed the corporate office to assist in resolving this issue and THEY RESPONDED WITH THE FOLLOWING RESPONSE" I personally examined the samples provided and noted several impact damage marks on the sides of the boards and the samples support the original findings shared with you that the product was not in fact defective, but the care being used to install the product was in question.I see no evidence of manufacturing defects from what we see and the claim the product is defective is unsubstantiated.Brian Pullin x7521 Office of Tom Sullivan, ChairmanLumber Liquidators, Inc3000 John Deere RoadToano, VA 23168

What an easy way out! At least 2 of every 8 boards per box were damaged upon inspection And the locking tracks were so fragile they cracked and snap off in my hands. I actually resulted to taking each board out with gloves and had them wrapped in a towel - can you believe that! And this is supposed to have a 25 year warrantee! I was told the warantee is only for manufactureres defects. What a joke. I have been offered a 3rd party hired by Lumber LIquidators to inspect the floor. Wow how biased would that be? Hmm let me think VERY biased! I showed my contractor the email and he flipped his lid and will be letting everyone in the area to NOT USE LUMBER LIQUIDATORS for anything. He knows how careful and precise he was in getting this floor installed. Lumber liquidators has an A+ rating on the BBB site but actually there are over 40 cases in which the customers issue was not resolved to their satisfaction. They should be rated an F in my book- I have asked in all correspondence with them to call me and they decide to email and hide behind their PCs. MY suggestion go buy the cheapest flooring at HOme Depot and it is twice as durable and a quality product. DO NOT GET Taken by Lumber Liquidators. They do not stand behind their product or know how to handle customer inquiries. All in all RUN dont walk AWAY from using them.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Dearest happy shopper not everyone is an ***. I am sure you must work fo LL.

It's not called pissed consumer for nothing. If you want to find happy stories go to Disney world. I have had very good things to say about Home Depot and lowes and have written to them on their great products and customer service. Thus is a forum to warn consumers to beware.

Go *** your rainbows somewhere else!!! You are the only happy customer here so you are outnumbered.


You are all a bunch of idiots! I bought my floor there and did not have any problems.

What I got was a beautiful floor at a great price! You can look up awful hate stories for any nationwide company whether

You bought it from Home Depot or lowes the same thing could have happened to you. These stories do sound like you bought a laminate over hardwood and are pissed because it didn't hold up like hardwood. What i say to everyone is don't be fooled by these review sites on any billion dollar company because the only people who are motivated to write bad reviews are the ones who had bad experiences.

What you are not hearing is all the super happy customers who have no reason to write a review. But let me tell you that the happy far outnumber the mad.


We purchased the Nirvana Plus Laminate floor in October 2012. We followed the manufactures instruction.

The floor would not stay together or lay flat during our installation. Also peaces of the locking edge would break off. We called Lumber liquidators. They will not refund on any open boxes.

We had opened too many boxes so we ended up having to pin nail the boards to the sub-floor. This was not our first laminate floor.

Stick with the Large Hardware Stores. Pergo locks together much easier, lays flat and looks just as good.

to Jan Oct 2012 Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #580338

I am having the same issue.. I wish I had saw this site before I bought the floor through the company..

I am using it as a Dance Floor and the lack of the company for the safty of my dancers and little ones is SAD!! No care in the world!!


I agree, this is the absolute worst product and company i have ever dealt with. the company buys their wood from china, it's sprayed with chemicals that are probably not regulated in the united states.

My floors have been hazing, turning white since the floor was put in. That was a year ago, now it's peeling.

I fought with them for about a year they sent there inspector there was no humidity no subfloor issue. But still they refuse to take full responsibility for the issue.

We spent a lot of money renovating our second floor. There product totally ruined my whole remodel. It's looks cheap, even though we paid 15,000 for the floors. What's scares me now is what is peeling off these floors, some sort of aluminum that can potentially put my family at risk.

There floors are cheapest wood and cheapest chemicals they can find. And they argue with you as if they have a quailty product. It's junk do not buy. My biggest regret in my entire renovation.

And like I told them I won't stop calling and complaing until something is done. I won't quit LL. I will post a million post if I have too, and you know who I am.

You cheat, you lie, you steal!!

You can take your credit and shove it it's worth nothing to me. My floor gets worse and worse as time goes on. It's defective, it's a hazard.

I will be getting a sample tested. Then we will see if my case is closed.


I am a flooring contractor and i am not sorry for all your complaints and bla bla bla ,i have listen to this many times ,i present a good product from a well known manufactor and most say "BUT LUMBER LIQUIDATORS HAVE THIS AT A GOOD PRICE"so i say you get what you pay for ....and i do not give ane warranties on any installation from any product from lumber liquidators.

Paulo at luso floors n.j.


.purchase 1"X8" pine boards 40% were deferent sizes, took hours to sort each board. it would have been cheaper to purchase them from a lumber yard


Our house flooded last week after Hurricane Isaac and we went to lumber liquidators for a quote on Friday, we ordered this morning, this afternoon they called to tell us the price is 20% higher and that we now hhave to pay for freight shipping even though we have to pick the product up ourselves. The are in violation of Louisiana Deceptive practices AND price gouging after natural disaster statutes. Im filing a complaint with the BBB and the state attorney general.


hahahahahah :grin


I purchased over 1500 sf of Acacia wood and it ended up shrinking up to 1/16 of an inch on some boards. I contacted LL and they sent out a “third party inspector” to evaluate the product.

The inspector would not share any info he found with me and said LL would contact me when they got the report. LL denied my claim stating that the humidity in my home was to low and that was the cause of my boards shrinking. They stated that the humidity in my house was 29% and that it needs to be at least 30%.

They hide behind any excuse they can and will not take any responsibility for inferior products or manufacturing. Like everyone else has said, STAY AWAY!!!


I purchased 400 sq ft of gunstock which is splitting over 90% of the floor. Went through basically the same process as everyone else only to be denied warranty coverage due to site related issues.Same old story bla bla bla I am having the same problem it seems everyone else is having when trying to get the issue resolved except I will take it one step further I made them so mad they sent me a no trepass warning informing me to stay away are they would take legal action against me.

So you steal 1300 dollars from me and screw me over and now your going to have me arrested if I ever come on your property.

Wow!!! what a bunch of sweethearts!!


Gosh I am readin our story only the flooring is Morningstar Bamboo. Carefully chosen to work on slab and so my dads wheel chair would not be a problem.

We too sent a box of wood that we had to replace. The manufacturers result is inconclusive, third party says uneven floor! It is the same floor as the other floating floor is installed on slab in the next room.Third party not able to share info and I have not seen their report.

I will be filing a report with the better business bureau in NC, and am contempleting additional actions. I wish I had done more research buyer beware!


I am in the process of starting a class action suit in South Carolina against Lumber Liquidators. Please contact me if you are interested in joining the suit.

to Ned Parlin, New Jersey, United States #802084

Hello Ned, I put down a $2000 deposit on a floor that Lumber Liquidators does not even have. Wen I asked for my money back they tell me that I have to wait 3 to 5 weeks until they send me a check.

In the meantime I have no floor and have to shell out additional money for another floor somewhere else. I;m seeing red about now!


Folks I have been in the woood flooring industry for over 25 years, all I can say is NWFA.Org, National Wood Flooring Assoc. you will get unbiased Information on flooring. listn to them they are proffesional and on your side.


I am licensed contractor, i install hardwood floors in nj for the past 10 years.

Lumber liquidators sell damage products to customers, and believe me, not cheap material either

I went to lumber liquidators to pick up his walnut hardwood floors, about 36 boxes. Material cost was $4.50 sq ft(not cheap)

i took the material home, when we got to his house, i decided to open 1 box . The wood was all damage. Seems like the polyurethane was not put on correcly. some planks had too much shine, other planks had peeled off spots. just terrible. Had to return all to lumber liquidators. They did agree to exchange, and while i was there, i asked the person doing the exchange "what are ou going to do with all this damage wood, he said to me " will just re sale it for a $1.00 less" can u believe this crooks? the only wood that i like to install from lumber liquidators is their Brazilian cherry from bella wood

But still its not that best, it has an artificil shine to it, making it look like its a laminate...

anyway im in NJ. Any one intersted in installation please email me at aplushardwoodfloors@hotmail.com

installation cost is $2.00 sq ft includes carpet removal, furniture removal, trim install and flooring install

call now 732.877.7576

serious inquiries only!!!


Buying a floor is a major investment. Unless you understand the requirements of flooring(not carpet) talk with several professionals about installation, performance, and what to expect with the floor.

Once you've narrowed your selection focus on style and color. Not all floors will work in a home. No sense falling in love with something which wont work for you.

I've been doing this job for six years now and still learn something new everyday. Good luck to all of you.


This company has the worst customer service you could ever imagine! They just put road block after road block, then when cornered with the complaint,just "dismiss" the claim.

When I reported them to the BBB, they pulled the same routine, ". I got as little response from the BBB as L!!!

Stay clear- the wood is questionable at best- Bob Villa should stumble on his words a bit as he praises the warranty! STAY CLEAR of LL.


I contacted Pa's State Attorney Generals office and have received a reply that they received the complaint and are investigating- Refer them to this site and the internet in general to simply see ALL the complaints. They are all similar in which LL does NOT stand behind their product.


I ordered 1800 SF of Brazilian Teak manufactured by Bellwood for Lumber Liquidators. Several boxes arrived damaged upon delivery. My installer ran into problems with the install due to the product having two separate millings on the 3/8 teak. I broke my back returning all the boxes that were not opened to exchange them to reorder again with proper milling. . I had to eat the cost of 7 boxes that I had installed and ripped back up ( 1500.00 ) because the store was unwilling to credit me for the boxes that were made useless by the milling problems. I brought in the wood to the manager and it was obvious the milling was different. Mu installers said never to go with Lumber Liquidators. Just do a search online and you will read horror stories.

The store also refused to give me my money back even though the replacement teak I wanted was out of stock and they had no orders in the system for it. The only thing I could do was an exchange for an even more expensive width that I didn't like or want! It was also much more expensive costing me another 3500.

Total loss going to Lumber Liquidators 5K! Speechless. Avoid this place at all costs. To many other businesses will want your business and treat you right if you ever have a problem. I never should have had to been put through this nightmare.

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