Lumber Liquidators knows, as their website itself says, that their floors cup"”warp like a washboard"”because of installation problems that they their own recommended installers create. In short, their installer used staples, not nails (creates half the holes), that punctured the 3/4" plywood subflooring and their "white silicon paper vapor barrier," allowing moisture from our crawl space to migrate up into the living space and cup the boards.

Customer service paid for an inspector to check this out, but then tried to "spin" the results, which clearly show moisture at the subfloor level, some at the bottom of the white oak floor and little at the top of the board. Lumber Liquidators is not pressuring their recommended installer to make good on our floors. Quite the opposite: they're colluding with him to deny a little bit of reality. In fact, when the Inspect Solutions inspector showed up, the contractor met him outside the house and then shadowed him during the inspection, which the inspector could not complete because, he said, he couldn't crouch and step into the 8' tall "crawl space" because he has health issues!

If Lumber Liquidators have "expert advice," as their ad claims, its advice to installers about how to stonewall customers they have given a raw deal. I've posted photos at www.hardwoodflooradviser.com.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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