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My husband and I built a new house last year. Unfortunately, we purchased all of our hardwood through Lumber Liquidators - to the tune of over 20k including installation. Did everything recommended - letting the wood acclimate, using the expensive underlayment they recommened, etc. Within several months the floor started buckling and cupping everywhere! WHAT A NIGHTMARE....our entire first floor has this shoddy walnut hickory flooring.

When we contacted the sub-standard customer care they sent out this *** inspector that made so many erroneous claims in his report. Final finding - the supposed 25 year warranty doesn't apply because of guess what - humidity! What planet are these people on? We live in the North East so short of a month or two in the summer, humidity is not an issue. Ironically, I googled Lumber Liquidators complaints and hundreds of websites popped up. I read complaints from hundreds of other very pissed off consumers all over the country and they all got the same response - "not covered....due to humidity".

A class action law suit needs to be filed against this company! They sell sub-standard, shoddy, defective wood flooring and they hide under the guise of "humidity" when people realize they have been RIPPED OFF!!! I am going to pursue them legally...too much invested in the floor to come home and be constantly reminded every time I look at this horrendous floor of what a terrible company Lumber Liquidators is! DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID. DEAL WITH A "REPUTABLE FLOORING COMPANY THAT ACTUALLY BACKS THEIR PRODUCT AND HONORS THE WARRANTY"! HORRENDOUS QUALITY AND EVEN WORSE CUSTOMER CARE THAT IS PAID TO JUST GIVE CUSTOMERS THE RUN AROUND!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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As far as I can tell from the hundreds of complaints online, they will come up with an excuse of why not to honor the warranty every single time. I did not read the warranty when it was installed (who does) and it said it does not cover any wood installed with noticeable defects.

I mistakenly installed it and thought that obvious defects would be entitled to a refund. Appears they would have come up with an excuse anyway.


TO ME TO...$4,000.00 IN THE GARBAGE....


the wood is still green..you can see the wood "crying out" still have this glue thing coming out of it...

a mess..... my home is a mess with this floor...and is 30 years warranty....b...s ...

they did not credit me anything they did not help in anything..they sent their inspection to say that was used to little glue...

(the ones they told us to use) and humidity...we do not have this issue at out home.... HOPE THEY SEE THIS...FOR BETTER OR WORSE.....


They are the worst! They will do everything and anything to wash their hands of any responsibility.

Check out this link below I'am posting. I have the same floor and the same problems. The only reason they took care of these people is because it was on TV.

I've read hundreds of complaints on this flooring and they do nothing. Guess I will be writing a letter to the station that carried this story to see if they want to do a follow up.http://www.nbcnewyork.com/on-air/as-seen-on/258370621.html


LL is a scam! The sales person said he included labor in our estimate but never did.


Westerville, Ohio, United States #620382

This is not the only site with bad reviews, found some as resent as Feb. 2013.

We were ready to order our flooring but as I normally do I go online to check for complaints. So-o-o happy I did!! I would be person scammed by LL. Every company has a bad review or two but if the good out weigh the bad I am not too concerned.

LL has nothing but bad, surprised they are still business!

I will be telling anyone I know about how deceiptful LL is. Thanks for the heads up :zzz

Olympia, Washington, United States #618813


I can add my concerns to the list of others who believe that you dropped the ball when it comes to customer education. I used an installer with 20 years of experience in flooring. He had completed many types of floors before doing ours, contacted LL for specially instructions, talked with their technical staff about all issues related to the flooring (bamboo, click), and did an excellent job. Within three weeks, we had click connected boards that disconnected from each other. LL said it was due (without ever coming to our house or sending any consultant) to humidity and improper curing of the material. The bamboo was inside our home for 2 to 6 weeks before being installed. They have made up rules as they go along, telling customers (besides us) that "Oh, you should have x, y, z...before installing. Their suggestions include some very exotic things, like testing the mosture of the subflooring. Really?

One set of instructions said not to unwrap the flooring from the boxes, then suddenly all of the instructions require that packages be unwarapped and stacked. It seems that any small procedural miss becomes the reason for the flooring failure. This is a nightmare. Is there a class action suit that has begun?

to Customer #829985

You want to start one....I'am in! Same thing happened to me.

to Customer #872157

BAMBOO... for me it happen the same..and they told me the same BS

and I am here with this ..horrible..glue ...it has a buble...you pop it..and glue from the tree comes out...same smell..

as you just got a knife and cut the tree....

tell me ..lets get all together and get our money back....

$4,000.00 ...rip off


I retract my comment.


I too am currently going thru a warranty issue, and was told my problem was to do with humidity, which is impossible as the product was stored indoors in a non-humid room and I live in a low humidity state, if anything we are dry. My story is interesting as I have had the flooring for 2.5 yrs and have not installed it so installation or wear and tear or improper cleaning cannot be attributed to the damage.

I bought the carbonized strand bamboo and was going to have it installed by Lumber Liquidators after 2.5 years but the finish looked like cats had scratched the length of it - i.e. the finish had cracked and bubbled, and the installers refused to install it as they said it was a warranty issue.

I did not know this as the boxes were never opened and now I live on a subfloor. If they cannot warranty my product, when would they ever warranty anything?


I am currently dealing with LL, I purchased and installed thru one of their recommended installers 200 sq ft of flooring in my kitchen, after being down for just months it began cupping, its in the shape of canoe. I was sent through the same hoops most of the other complaining customers on this site go through.

It has been a painful process, but after 6 months I finally got the inspection report from one of their surrogate inpectors and guess what, no fault of their own, its the humidity. But what is completely BS is I have 10 year old bruce hardwoods throughout the rest of the house above the same craw space/sub flooring and it is fine.

I am trying to find out at this moment what kind of attorney to initiate legal action. I'm not gonna let them get away with screwing me over.


I can assure everyone that the response posted by LL below is how they respond to customers. We have a defective floor as well, the issues have been blamed on...HUMIDITIY!

And they've treated us like we're complete idiots in going through the process of trying to reach a resolution.

I will NEVER use LL again, nor will I recommend them to anyone. I should have listened to our installer when he said not to buy our flooring from them.


Wow, I hope that's not really LL responding!


Just visited LL today and had a very positive experience in the showroom. After finding this response by LL to its customer I will think twice about my 23K plus purchase in your store. This is not the way to respond to a customer no mater how they treated your product, shame on you!


I also planned on using LL but i am soo glad that i read the complaints(so many people can't be wrong).If you pay LL 20k to come out install your hardwoods there recommended way-yes it should come with a warranty.They should back up there product.

I know Lowes and Home depot may be more expensive but they do back up there work.I personalty like to go to a mom and pop operation if i can.


I was considering buying flooring from your company but after reading the above response I have reconsidered.

The way you answered that customer is no way to resolve an issue.

I've installed super cheap flooring over concrete no less and didn't have problems with cupping and warping so something is really wrong here. Common sense says that the customer would really have to abuse the floor in a gross and negligent way (say soaking the floor with a garden hose) to have these sorts of problems. "Humidity" is fact of life for many Americans and any product sold would have to have a reasonable amount of resistance to normal conditions. Otherwise it would not be fit to sell.

Aside from that the above response is appalling. An attitude like the one displayed is dismissive of customer's concerns treating them like idiots who do not understand floor care (really!) and is lacking in empathy for the customer's plight. It helps no one. An attitude of blaming the customer does not help the customer. It does not help your company to show how little you care about your customers.

It seems like everyone in your company from top to bottom need to take some courses in Customer Service.


Have you ever read the warranty? While we're sorry to hear this happened, but cupping and buckling are not issues tied to the performance, or quality of the flooring you bought from LL.

The idea that you're placing blame on the seller, or the manufacturer for issues outside our direct control is a common mistake made by you, and others as mentioned. The time it takes to properly investigate a concern is also not within our control, however we upheld the warranty and inspected the flooring like other suppliers do, in fact, independent inspections are also used in other areas of the flooring industry and your reference to the inspector is uncalled for. No one wants to be blamed for failing to maintain their property causing flooring to cup, but one must go back to the first question - Did you read the warranty? We notice this is frequently ignored no matter how much we stress the importance of following the warranty and the installation instructions.

Affiliate services are covered by installation warranties, so we ask that you consider getting your own inspection if you're not satisfied. As the largest supplier of flooring products in the U.S. the floor will fail no matter where you source product if cared for this way. Your comments regarding humidity are signs you really should avoid being a wood expert if you don't understand humidity and temperature.

Moisture happens to be the number one leading cause of flooring issues and we make every effort to educate consumers to avoid it. I suspect you posted anonymously because there's more to this story and our investigations are very detailed so this is only one side to the story. Again, we regret to hear this happened and when you consider we want your home to look like a showroom for our products, so the idea that we take advantage of consumers is more than upsetting. LL will present facts to your attorney as we do not pay for failed floors caused by improper care outside our direct control.

If it was deemed a manufacturing issue, you can bet we would support the warranty as obligated to do so. Unlike other retail purchases, if you don’t know how to care for your flooring after spending $20K, that was a very poor choice. Once can relate this story to leaving the top down on your convertible when it rains then blaming the car dealership for the damage caused. Not our issue and this was rightfully denied if the inspection said it was not a defect.

Hard lesson to learn after the fact, but the more people that post like this the better because we’ll keep educating people on what NOT TO DO, and that is NEVER ignore the warranty and floor care instructions. A floor requires care and you can find all product warranties on our website – Read one and judge for yourself, but we do not cover these issues and fully disclose the steps a homeowner should take for caring for the floor once it leaves our store.

to LL Response to Warranty and Se #829992

Read your warranty and followed all the guidelines....literally baby sat my flooring! It still gapped and separated.

The problem is your company uses their own inspectors and will use any loop hole they can find so they are not responsible. There are hundreds of complaints regarding my flooring (Morning Star Bamboo) and not one of them did you help except the one couple with the same problems I'am having that was televised on TV on channel 4 News with Lynda Bouquero! After seeing all these complaints we all can't be wrong!

Shame on Lumber Liquidators....this is no way to do business! I will continue to spread the word.

to LL Response to Warranty and Se Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #962421

The person who posted this response from LL should be fired. It is completely unprofessional.

You can not take a sarcastic, rude and accusatory tone with customers who are upset with your product. You can not 'troll' them whilst waving their hard-earned money in their faces.

After reading these complaints, as well as many of the LL responses, I have lost any faith that was restored by the investor conference call that had addressed the 60 Minutes report.

We own stock in your company and were planning on purchasing our flooring from here. I intend to dump our shares and use the money to buy quality flooring from another company.

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