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We are looking for new floors for our home and have shopped a variety of flooring stores. We should have researched Lumber Liquidators more prior to spending an hour driving to their store. If we did we would not have wasted our time. We did shop their website and found several floors that we liked the looks of and were reported to be in stock. Upon arrival we waited about 30 minutes to speak with a sales person who turned out to be the manager. As we waited we overheard the manager inform the only other customer in the store that the other sales person was out with a family health issue which made the wait and the staffing level understandable.

As we waited, we looked for the flooring that we were interested in and were unable to find it. Once the sales person was able to help us, we asked about the flooring we were looking for and she seemed to be shocked that it was still on the website as it has been out of stock for a long time and no longer available. In fact 2 of the 3 bamboo floors from their website we were interested in were no longer produced and the floors that we were directed to were about 30% higher. The 3rd bamboo floor was available but was priced higher than their website. We then proceeded to look at engineered hardwood floors and could not find the variety and finish of floors that we had shopped on their website.

While we did not have printouts from the website I was able to browse their site on my phone. When I showed the manager the issue she apologized but seemed to get very defensive and her level of service noticeably changed. Another customer walked into the store and she began helping him fairly quickly as he was there to pick up an order. She quickly got him out of the store and to the loading dock leaving us alone in the store. We waited about 15 minutes for her return as we wanted to ask a few more questions but she never returned.

We will not be returning to Lumber Liquidators either. In our experience they have some great looking samples but their service is lacking and it has the appearance that they promote lower prices and nonexistent products on their website to draw you into the store in the hopes that you will not notice or they will be able to up sell you to different product.

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Thank you for sharing this with us because there's a very good explanation here, in addition to a coaching opportunity for the location. Our stores are not in the high rent district and sometimes found in remote locations, thus the longer drive, and this model helps us keep costs low as a leader in the industry.

There's little room for shortages in staffing, but personal situations can arise and we do our best to serve all customers in a timely fashion and appreciate the patience you displayed while in the store. Obsolete items may be found on the web and not available in all stores, however the store is empowered to transfer material and could have been more accommodating in this situation. The price difference from the web to the store is likely different because you viewed the 1,000 sq ft plus pricing model versus the price for 0-999 sq ft purchases. It would not be appropriate for me to explain any changes in the associates demeanor as its impossible to understand the entire verbal exchange, but being friendly and open is encouraged so our customers feel comfortable shopping with us, and confident the person they're talking to is an expert answering any and all questions you may have.

The service experience you shared is one we'll need to share with the store as a coaching opportunity and a very unfortunate loss of a new customer. If you wish to contact me directly please write to us from our "Contact Us" page with a request to speak with the Dir. of Customer Care and I will gladly assist you myself. We value all customers and want you to have the best deal on quality products available, so we hope to earn back your business.

I will address this subject with the store Regional Manager and sincerely appreciate your sharing this with us. We look forward to your response.

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