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Update by user Jan 18, 2017

1-17-17 BBB CASE#: 48063247

Lumber Liquidators (LL) can't buy me off! I gave samples of the wood I wanted to buy/match, LL showed close matching wood.

What was provided was different as night and day! When you pay $7000 the product better be what you want! The LL installer even admitted this happened previously and LL finally ripped the entire product out and put in the right product. If LL was not in the wrong why are they offering me $1500 the $2000 to make their problem go away and sign a non-disclosure benefiting them only??

I will continue to escalate this rip off business.

Resolution requested:

1. LL removes the defective product from my home- leaves the home as they found it

2. Refunds the all monies/charges LL in my name.


LL pays their normal prep charge for my labor preparing the project for them 4. LL pays storage on their product in my possession since June 1, 2016 and labor costs for me to pick it up at their location and move it in to my home.

Update by user Dec 19, 2016

They do not deserve a 1 star - they are that terrible

Original review posted by user Dec 18, 2016

5-29-16 Left a $100 deposit with Lumber Liquidators (aka - LL) for 2 separate floor samples we took home to compare with our existing wood floor. 5-29-16 Returned both samples and ordered the one that matched our existing wood floor.

At no point did LL indicate there could be a color variation. They were only interested in selling me as much product as they possibly could, over $6900.00. I showed LL a sample of my existing wood floor I wanted to match. They selected the wood on their computer, I have no idea if they ordered the wood I selected, nor do I know the store loaded the right wood the day I picked it up.

Also I find it odd their installers removed all the wood from their boxes and hauled the boxes away the first day they arrived - before any wood was installed .. Could that be because they were trying to hide something?? 7-19-16 I called Mizzie at LL, told them the wrong wood was being installed. I went to the store as well with pieces of LLs wrong wood and they compared it to the wood sample they sold me and agreed it was not the same.

The store representative Javier said he would let John the store manager know about the problem, also Sam the regional manager was notified. Of which none ever called me back! At the start of the claim Michelle was in agreement, they made a huge mistake and she was going to fix it per her 8-2-16 email. 8-2-16 LL representative Michelle sent this email ( I can forward it to you if you need it): Michelle L Aug 2 Good afternoon, Thank you so much for speaking with me today.

I have attached photos of the Honey Strand Bamboo and the Antique Hazel that was purchased and delivered to your home. Please let me know if the Honey Strand is more what you had chosen and wanted. Also, if you could remind me to whom you spoke to at the store that stated the wrong floor was delivered to you. Unfortunately, I didn’t not note that while we were speaking.

I will keep an eye out for your reply email. Thank you! Michelle|Customer Resolution Specialist Lumber Liquidators|3000 John Deere Road|Toano, VA 23168 800.366.4204 ext 7783|855.272.6946 fax After dozens of phone calls to both corporate and the store (of which I have recorded if you need them and I received no responses) as well as numerous in store trips to resolve their screw up. 8-5-16 LL representative Michelle sent this email ( I can forward it to you if you need it): Michelle L Aug 5 to me Good afternoon, Please let me know how many unused boxes of flooring and a list of other product that has not been used so I can let the store know how much to have picked up from your home.

I am ordering all new product in the Honey Strand and will have it shipped to your home once it is all in the store. Thank you, Michelle|Customer Resolution Specialist Lumber Liquidators|3000 John Deere Road|Toano, VA 23168 800.366.4204 ext 7783|855.272.6946 fax Next I get: 8-10-16 Michelle emails indicating "my concerns are not covered". 8-10-16 I called Synchrony Bank who LL financed the purchase thru and filed a dispute. Again I made many more trips to the store, phone calls to LL customer service (again I have a log of them) and emails voicing their screw up.

After the bank froze LL payment from me, Would you believe Michelle at LL had a change in her position of "Not Covered": 8-23-16 Michelle emails and now attempts to "Buy Me Off" by offering a $1500.00 credit! But I have to accept it in 5 days and agree to all their stipulations ... 8-23-16 I emailed my response. "NO, I am not paying $6800.00 for the wrong wood they provided - my house looks terrible".

Again I continued making many more trips to the store, phone calls to LL customer service (again I have a log of them) and emails voicing their screw up. 9-12-16 Hunter (new LL customer rep) emails, now attempts to "Buy Me Off" by offering a $2000.00 credit! Again, I have to accept it in 5 days and agree to all their stipulations ... I continue making more trips to the store, phone calls to LL customer service (again I have a log of them) and emails voicing their screw up.

9-18-16 Regina (Michelle's LL supervisor) responds saying she will review my case and makes the same attempt to "Buy Me Off" by offering the same $2000.00 credit... I have a beautiful home with a hodgepodge - unfinished wood floor and steps at a cost of $6800.00 +. Not right... I started this improvement project at the end of May 2016 and had no doubt it would be done before my sons wedding in October.

I hosted a couple showers for my son and future daughter in law only to endured personal embarrassment because of LL's terrible product and customer service leaving my house looking like a construction zone. Now Christmas is around the corner and LL has still done NOTHING! I hope this is enough information to clearly show how much Lumber Liquidators is in the wrong.

I appreciate all you can do to make Lumber Liquidators correct their mistake. Thank you,

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of lumber liquidators hardwood flooring and associated monetary loss in the amount of $7000. Lumber Liquidators needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Cypress, Texas, United States #1267800

Thanks for this review. I was considering LL but after seeing the complaints, the planted comment and how they pick and choose which complaints they reply to, it's looks like their overall customer service and quality of product is clearly lacking.

LL here is a suggestion, don't just reply to the complaints on here that you feel like, good customer service means dealing with the tough cases as well.

I might still go by the store but I'll probably end up doing business somewhere else because the mistakes mentioned on this website are pretty serious ones.

Aledo, Texas, United States #1261710

So when you go pick out samples from Lumber Liquidators that closely match the existing wood I have and they give me something else - it my fault - get real!

By the way, they sent their installer out to make an estimate to fix the screw up and he confirmed it was Lumber Liquidators screw up.

I have an attorney that totally disagrees with loosing in court, so we will see very soon.

Toano, Virginia, United States #1259848

Sorry to hear this happened. The late response is due to a technical problem with the PC site, but this case deserves some explanation.

The invoice and warranty address color variation as wood is a natural product and when it comes to bamboo being a "grass" the manufacturing process lends to color variations - all noted. As the person responding with a comment below pointed out, reaching 100% installed when you disliked the color match is most unfortunate and not truly a sellers responsibility to correct unless found early on during installation. Participating in the process is a necessity to make sure the color and the boards being installed are satisfactory, otherwise you place this responsibility in the hands of your hired installer. There is no "trickery" going on when products unboxed, in fact the acclimation period suggests the product was in your possession for weeks and there would have been plenty of time to call out any color variation concerns.

The lesson learned here is no matter where you source product when it comes to flooring you must be an active participant in the board selection process to ensure the floor is what you want before you exceed the 10% installed mark or you own it. Boards installed are deemed accepted and this is an industry wide accepted practice to avoid this exact type of customer experience.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1258558

Why didn't you just check the wood? The installers came and opened all the boxes to let the wood breathe.

So you had the wood clearly visible and you never once bothered to take a look to see if it was the right color? Then you let the installers install ALL of it?

You are crazy. You never once bothered to try to correct this problem before everything was installed.

You just let the delivery, package opening and installation take place and complain later. You would lose 100% in court. You did nothing.

Stop complaining. The company owes you nothing.

to Anonymous Aledo, Texas, United States #1261704

Obviously you have no first hand information about the situation or you would not make ignorant statements like you have. How much did Lumber Liquidators pay you to to say those *** statements ? They have tried to to buy me off twice!

And by the way I did stop the installers on day 1....

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