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I wasted $8552.76 on defective wood that 'cupped' due to a known manufacturer defect. The first shipment of wood 'cupped' too but it wasn't as good a quality. So I stupidly repurchased the best quality and paid the upcharge. That wood cupped too.

The company refused to help and offered only a $1000 store credit in an email, followed by the insincere words, 'Kindest regards, Duanna Vendor Chargeback Specialist." After proving that the correct glue and quantity of glue were used and paying for a private inspector analysis report which confirmed a manufacturer issue, they still refused to issue a refund!

Lumber Liquidators' customer service staff were rude, uncooperative, and dismissive. Finally my credit card company, after collecting the evidence, issued a refund.

Save yourself a major headache! Don't buy from Lumber Liquidators!!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality and refusal to refund.

Monetary Loss: $8552.

Preferred solution: This solution has been resolved by my credit card company. I just want to save others from the 6 month process I suffered through..

I didn't like: Refusal to refund a proven defective product.

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I was considering taking a manager's job with them but after reading all these negative reviews not just here but on another site as well...I am seriously reconsidering...and I need a job badly but don't want to be working for a company that does not stand behind what it sells...


LL Response _ Cupping

We did some extensive research and uncovered the original purchaser making this complaint. This stems from a 2011 purchase where a questionable inspection firm made a claim the flooring was delivered "wet" not properly kiln dried then when on to say the application of the moisture vapor protection was inadequately applied.

Improper installation of the moisture barrier did not protect the wood from moisture intrusion from below and this will cup ANY wood floor no matter where you buy it, so this is not an LL specific issue, rather well known as a common failure when a floor cups due to improper installation. Now let's get to the inspectors comment the flooring was "wet". ALL manufacturers selling prefinished flooring test the wood once received before production to insure it's properly kiln dried or the finish will pop off the boards before it ever reaches a customers home. If the floor was indeed "wet", it would never have been able to be installed because the first complaint would be about product that could not be installed in the first place.

As for the customer service treatment, I found nothing in the file to suggest this was a concern other than the denial and refusal to accept our goodwill offer of $1000 to help a valued customer overcome an issue we did not rightfully own. Very sorry to hear the matter was published this way given the facts of the case.


Lumber Liquidators Response to Cupping complaint

We tracked this case down to the customer in question after some extensive searches using the value of the purchase. The customers inspection report from a local inspection firm was not one of the best we've seen, but we're sharing this so anyone reading the complaint will have more color to this story.

In Hardwood Magazine: the topic of cupping is called out in detail. Now for the report supplied by the customer. The conclusion reads: The cupping, crowning, and twisting of the planks inside the boxes is the result of the failure to properly dry the product during manufacturing or the failure to properly grade the product and cull deficient material prior to packaging. This is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

In addition, the Mapei 995 Adhesive has not been applied to an adequate thickness throughout.

According to their coverage guidelines, 5 pails of Mapei 995 Adhesive would cover 750 square feet, so, even if some places have adequate thickness of the adhesive, it has not been applied to a proper thickness consistently throughout. This allows moisture from the subfloor to contaminate the wood and exacerbate the cupping, crowning and twisting of the planks. This is an installation related concern. Having shared the above, let me share with you how the claim of the wood NOT being properly kiln dried is a false statement.

Wood must be kiln dried properly and all manufacturers validate moisture content pre-production because "wet wood" will result in the finish popping off as moisture attempts to escape the wood through the hydroscopic pores. You cannot finish "wet wood" and the pre-production check is performed to avoid finish issues, problems that would be found as soon as you opened the box. You would never be able to install "wet wood" because the finish issues would be present before you ever started to install the first plank. We do agree the lack of proper protection is the cause of cupping and while we wish no customer has to experience cupping to learn what causes the problem, one thing rings true with wood.

No matter where you source it, installed improperly it can fail and cupping is not the result of any improperly kiln dried wood. Upon review of the General Disclosure Statement the customer said they reviewed the warranty and the installation instructions, but they contracted with a general contractor, not a flooring installation company and they obviously failed this job by improperly installing the floor. Best advice, check installer references and find someone who installs floors for a living. It's an $8500 lesson you don't need to learn the hard way.

I see no indications of any interactions where the call, or emails escalated due to tone, or any negative comments.

We regret to hear the customer remains unhappy from her 2011 purchase.

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