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After several attempts to contact LL to resolve my defective flooring issue.And several complaints to the BBB about LL I received no compensation about the defective flooring that I purchased at LL.

The flooring was 12mm Tanzanian wenge.It was so poorly made it would not lock into place and turned out to be a nightmare and cost me more aggravation than any home owner would believe.Not to mention the aggravation LL gave me.After jumping through many hoops LL requested me to do including pictures, contractor licence,receipts ,etc.

LL refused to give me nothing in return not even store credit [so I might take another gamble]they are without a doubt a very unscrupulous company bordering on being criminal. Please do yourself a very BIG favor avoid LL at all cost.You will be glad you did.attached are pictures.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $754. This person is overall dissatisfied with Lumber Liquidators and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about lumber liquidators laminate flooring at Lumber Liquidators was lousy customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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It took me going into the store and getting kicked out twice for a manger to final call me. I wish I found this website before spending $8500 on bamboo flooring.

They sold me defective wood that they tested yet don't want to give me a full refund with the cost of install. I told them I would of bought something else and totally understand that thing aren't perfect, but for the only reason being the return/warranty and customer service, I will never recommend this company to anyone except the people I hate the most.


Congratulations! You also have one of those Chinese laminates that everyone's having such a tizzy over!!!



LL Response to defective 12mm

Sorry to hear you feel this was not handled to your satisfaction. As an anonymous responder you've removed any opportunity to review the case details, nor does the complaint provide enough detail to make a fair assessment as to whether your view is a proper accounting of what truly happened.

The picture provided is not clear as to whether this is a product concern, or an installation issue. The locking mechanism accusation is not supported when you pull the historical quality record through our Warranty Services team demonstrating a history of problems tied to the locking mechanism. I'm assuming the "many hoops" are comments related to investigating the claim where the evidence did not support the claim for a defect. A defect must be proven and we have no issue at all holding a manufacturer accountable for quality, however proving the defect is a requirement as manufacturers are not responsible to cover installation concerns.

The process rings true no matter where you shop as NO seller will cover issues without proving the defect is truly a "defect". If you can demonstrate facts to show a defects present, we will not hesitate to assist and offer goodwill for some situations even to help our customers.

to Anonymous #1080286

Your response to my complaint is absurd... I will post pics of the other floor I installed that came out good.same brand 12 mm.

honestly even that flooring is junk.Lumber Liquidators has no concern for the customers.Home depot WILL honor ANY defective

flooring.I asked for a LL rep.to come over to inspect the flooring.

I was told "we dont do that"..

I spoke to a guy named Hunter

from your company. he wont even give his last name how bad is that?.. you guys deserve to choke on every dime your loose on your stock.. there are some very unscrupulous people in upper management that know they are selling the cheapest flooring made anywhere.they have made a decision to screw the consumer to get higher profits.in the end you guys will go out of business.

I just hope its soon. I will never stop complaining about LL.. when you screw with people and when it comes to the biggest investment they make there home... you will get nothing but very angry people...


it looks like you are a anonymous too..

to mh214 #1116004

LL stock falls again.. HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS..

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