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I purchased flooring from them in JANUARY 2012, by April 2012 the flooring is discolored and scratched. This is the "indestructible" laminate that they recommended to me?

I contacted the store only to have them tell me it is a "customer problem" ALL floors scratch. I filed a complaint with Customer Service at Lumber Liquidators and they told me they would not rectify this for me. Are you kidding?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am appalled at their lack of concern for their customers.

This is unacceptable. DO NOT buy from this company!!!!

It would be a mistake!!!!!! Stay Away from Lumber Liquidators Company.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I have purchased LL laminate 3 times for different rental properties. One mid grade, one high grade, one vinyl click together high grade.

I was warned against buying their clearance laminates because the quality was not as nice as their main lines. The 25 yr laminate has been in place in a townhouse rental with kids and pets for 5 years and still looks great.

The vinyl in a basement scratched a little easier but survived a broken water heater flood and a pipe leak. I don't know what you purchased, but my experiences with their higher grades have still been better priced than the big boxes.


I recently went to LL and brought home a laminate sample and stranded bamboo. The sales rep said laminate is pretty hard since its synthetic and should not scratch too much.

But he then said ALL floors can scratch. Whatever. I got home and took my keys to it.

The laminate was easily dented and scratched by my keys, where the bamboo didn't even when I applied more force. I am pretty certain laminate will only stay in good condition if you walk in socks or soft soled shoes and you never drop/drag on the floor.


Oh my goodness! Let me reply to each of the above LL commenets.

First of all, I DO follow scratch and care instructions. I HAND WASH and dry my floor as recommended by LL. This floor is BARELY 4 months old. It was INSTALLED per LL instructions AND allowed to "season" prior to installation as recommended by LL.

I HAVE sent pictures to Customer Care at LL and NOT ONE representative has even taken a closer look at our flooring. We have no chirldren or grandchildren or large dogs in our home. NO ONE is abusing our floor and it SHOULD withstand normal "wear and tear" by two adult professionals. This is ABSURD!

Not only am I educating others to the proper installation and care of laminate flooring, but I am EDUCATING OTHERS TO THE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I have expereinced from LUMBER LIQUIDATORS and EDUCATING OTHERS to please research flooring companies carefully so that they DO NOT make a critical mistake in PURCHASing FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS!!!!!

You say you are willing to help?

Great. Then LL, contact me and rectify this situation by replacing this SMALL section of flooring and make me a happy customer!!!!!!!!!!!!


We never claim product is indestructible as all products can suffer damage from a customer’s use of the floor. It will scratch and the care instructions should be followed - we have no control over individual use of a floor as this can vary dramatically from home to home and NO FLOORING COMPANY guarantees against issues tied to a user’s wear and tear of any floor.

The discoloration comment would require some review to understand if this is from topical damage caused by your care of the floor, it's position in your home exposed to UV rays (also addressed) or if some other conditions driving this problem.

I welcome you to call customer care and send pictures of the issue so we can investigate this for you to see if there's a valid concern here. We’re sorry to hear you have expectations of the floor that are not in line with your use of the floor and we’re willing to help as you also noted in your posting so it’s up to you to get the help you need, but posting this way is not solving your concern and we thank you for educating others on the importance of reading the care instructions LL provides to avoid this exact type of problem.

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