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Buyer Beware, biggest SCAM operation running from the Lumber Liquidator Store located at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga NY

Bought our flooring from LL at 3801 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga store and had it installed this past Feb 2013. When we initially went there, we were met by the store manager "Dave" (He was very sick at the time, remember!) and informed him we were looking for a floor that would not scratch as we had two small dogs. We stressed to Dave the manager and flooring expert that our main concern was not so much the flooring or cost, but that did not want to invest in something that would scratch. Dave showed us some floor samples and said to us "it will not scratch from your dogs, i have a dog and the same flooring in my house and mine has no scratches". We trusted you Dave and being you were the manager and a corporate representative for LL and a expert in flooring, we again gave you our trust and purchased approx. $5000.00 in flooring from you. Well not more than two weeks after it was installed, we noticed scratches on the floor. Scratches that Dave, the purported expert, said would not happen. We immediately called our installer John Minor and upon his inspection he stated “I’ve never seen a floor so badly scratched and so quickly in my 9 year career, this is bad". Folks this floor wasn't down 5 weeks. We were given some scratch removal product from LL, and let me tell you it is sh**, it did nothing to remove, fix or even hide the numerous scratches. We called LL and spoke with Dave who gave us the standard answer, “You have a problem, call the 800 number, file a claim, it's out of our hands". Thanks Dave. Well we did contact the 800 number and spoke with the so called "Customer Relation Specialist" John (No last name given). He informed us of the procedures to file a claim, it required us to take 10 pictures of the damaged floor, fill give a detail explanation of the damage and send it to him. We did everything required. I asked John "When will someone come out and look at the floor". John said "no one will come out and look", and we should hear something in about 10 days or so. So we waited, during which time we put booties on our dogs feet and again tried to rub out the scratches with the LL scratch removal solution. Well folks guess what we received 10 days later in the mail, you guessed it, we received a standard corporate form letter form John, (no last name on letter) and you might guess it basically said "Sorry not our problem" . Comments like "No additional action regarding this matter, as this is not a warrantable claim". Additional comments in the form letter were surprising such as " A thorough review has been undertaken by LL Inc. regarding your concerns of scratches and fading within your floor" ( Riiiiiight) and " it should be noted that while laminate finishes are scratch resistant, there are no claims of the finish being scratch or dent proof". I guess Dave's claim to us as manager within LL Corporation that we would not experience scratches is not a claim of no scratches? A corporate employee is not held accountable for direct mis-representation. Oh, wait, just say anything (Lie), for a sale and screw the customer, John (No last name) will just send them a corp. form letter later, who cares. Well folks we are just simple people here in Western NY and trust those who give their word, particularly when they represent themselves as so called experts.

Here is my advice to my fellow consumers:

DO NOT GO TO LUMBER LIQUIDATOR AT 3801 HARLEM RD. in CHEEKTOWAGA or any LL store. THERE IS NO WARRANTY WITH THIS CORPORATION, don't believe a word out of the mouths of anyone who works there, anyone who represents LL, any written documents from LL, any advertising from LL, anyone who does contract work for them, anyone who provides or calls themselves a "Customer Relations Specialist". Should you do, you too will be writing a review like i am today, $5000.00 later, heartbroken, having being treated so badly and having a floor that is a piece of sh**. Don't do this to yourself, it is your home.

Finally, you got us Dave, hope you and your pathetic staff got a good laugh at our expense or at least you spent the commission paycheck well. I can only hope that the NY State Attorney General’s Office gets people like you who lie to the public, misrepresent product and falsely make statements, people like you who support scrams like Lumber liquidator Inc. does to the good folks of Western NY and takes the appropriate legal actions. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #651189

The salesmen must all be trained the same way. I heard it from our salesman in Jacksonville, FL.

Our laminate scratches easily, is NOT durable, is NOT moisture resistant (one drop of dog drool on seam and it swells and disfigures).

If I had to do it again, I'd install tile and carpet! BTW - I researched the *** out of laminate floors...apparently most of the (positive) articles written were written by the laminate industry, because when you dig deeper, these problems are everywhere.

Horrible experience with LL and laminate!

Tampa, Florida, United States #641738

Well, were are looking for flooring now and was doing some Google searches for Lumber Liquidators. Found this site and this complaint.

If you can not even get a last name, there is sothing shady there. When I saw the response from LL, it was clear that they are not the type of company I want to deal with.

Reston, Virginia, United States #641408

We are sorry to hear Pat had an issue with the floor, however the comments do not include all the facts and we know from speaking with the installer that Pat was using a Hardwood Oil based cleaner on a laminate product. Not only is this not recommended, the care instructions are very clear on what can, and cannot be used on a laminate floor and choosing to ignore the manufacturer’s instructions is a problem outside the sellers control and a choice by the consumer. The store states the floor is scratch resistant, and never commented the floor is scratch proof. When asked the following questions, note the responses in bold print. Readers should know the pickup date was 1.30.13 so it was months later that they actually read the care instructions well after the problem surfaced:

When did you review the product warranty? 5/2013

When did you review the installation instructions? 5/2013

Is the product installed; yes If so, how much of the product is installed?; 800 sq. feet, all of it

What rooms in the home is it installed in? Kitchen, Dining Room, Hallway, Living Room Did you inspect the product prior to installation? YES If so, did you notice any defects? NO (if any, please specify what type of defects) _____________________________________; and if defects were

We make decisions based on facts and feel it’s unfair to a complaint about a products performance when you fail to understand what is required to protect the floor from this type of damage. No seller / manufacturer is to be held responsible for damage of this kind when using the wrong care products and ignoring the instructions for proper floor care. This case highlights the need to listen to the sales person carefully and follow the care instructions for a enjoyable experience. Oil based products can soften the finish causing damage.

I would add that I personally have foure laminate floors all differant products in my home and they've been down for over three years (3 in bedrooms and one in the kitchen) and all 4 floors look just like they did the day I installed them. Pets? Yes Kids? Yes Damage? None. Caring for a properly installed floor matters and ultimately determines ones satisfaction. Shopping elsewhere will not resolve your issue if you use the wrong care products. Very sorry you have this issue.

to LL Response to scratches and l Richmond, Virginia, United States #644720

I've been involved with flooring for over 10 years, and there was a really simple solution to this whole situation. The customer should have been informed that "NO wood or laminate floor is impervious to scratching." Bam, done!

I inform all my customers of this up front so there's no confusion later. Everyone wants to deal with 'absolutes' when getting something, and there is absolutely no way any wood or laminate floor is absolutely impervious to scratching. Give me some Ipe flooring (over 3600 on Janka hardness scale) and a week with an 80 pound dog and I will beat the *** out of that floor.

Anyway, not to belabor the point but any salesperson who says something won't get scratched is setting themselves up for situations like this.

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