Longs, South Carolina
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When it started to peak I called the N. Myrtle Beach store and was told the installers had done it wrong. My installers were professional and have installed thousands of square feet. When I called the main office have received nothing back. When I first called Jeff who is the manager, informed me I had to wait for Justin as that was his job, called again next day Justin answered, knew nothing about it.Did not come, blamed installers..I mentioned I would call an attorney and was laughed at and told GOOD LUCK.


Monetary Loss: $2200.

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LL Response to Laminate Peaking / Breakage

First of all it's rather unfortunate you had a problem and more troubling to hear the rest of your story, but this is not how we serve customers. Let's start with your flooring problem.

It's so common to hear about the many years of experience someone has, but that does not mean they're doing it right, in fact some people think they're so good they never have to read the instructions at all. Why is this a mistake? The industry is ever changing and the installers with the "most experience" install one way and this does not take into consideration certain specific product needs and changes in technology from locking mechanisms to underlayment’s, and special care required when installing (pre and post installation). If the planks are peaking it would be my bet the floor looked fine the day of installation and then later suffered this problem.

Why can we say this is an installation concern? If a manufacturing issue existed it would have been noticed right away and the installation stopped. Tell tale signs an install problem or even site management issue has occurred is when a customer has a fully installed floor and then later suffers from a problem. The peaking is likely due to changes in relative humidity and temperature in the home with what is likely improper expansion space between wall and other areas, to include possibly having planks held down by transitions / moldings.

The other thing to consider is using a flooring installer, not someone who installed a fence yesterday, builds a deck tomorrow, but is installing your floor today. Again, having installed thousands of sq ft of flooring does not mean it’s always done right and a check of references is always recommended. The breakage is another sign of pressure. A normal functioning floor will not break and the pressure applied from expansion and improper installation will cause breakage and even cracking, or splitting.

This is not a manufacturing concern and you should inspect the floor using a national firm would be our recommendation. We do not laugh at customers who claim to seek legal action, but we also know that this is every customer’s choice to resolve a matter, but in this case it would a waste of time in my opinion unless you want to pursue the installer. That would make sense, but do so with a report in hand to show the root cause.

Take a look at the expansion space – you may be able to do some minor repairs to relieve the peaking. If you need a box or two of product to help with repairs, please call Customer Service and reference this posting and provide us more information to help you 800-366-4204

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