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I bought CHP Bronzed Brazilian Teak 8mm w/pad manfactured Date 03/09/13 and it has been a pain with it in all ways. First of all, they said it was going to take over a month to get the quarter round and the room divider.

And it is so hard to work with. I hired a contractor and he said he has never had such a problem with laminate before in his life. The problem is when you put it down it seems to be clicked into place, but then the next day is separates so bad, that you see all kinds of gaps and you can't even run your fingers smoothly over none of it. My contractor called your tech support and did exactly what he said.

It takes so much effort and it still doesn't stay together. And now we can't take it back because it's been laid, so I really don't know what to do. I can't afford to buy more flooring. Like I said, when you're laying it, it looks right, then over night it separates.

And plus, the rooms that the laminate is getting laid in, nobody is even in those rooms. It my formal dinning room and living room. So, I believe that the product is defected or something. Even when I bought really cheap laminate and my husband and I laid it, we didn't have a hard time and it didn't separate like this.

My contractor & I am very disappointed with the out come of this product. The color and everything looks good; it's just the lines that it shows because it won't stay clicked together.

Monetary Loss: $1297.

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I bought this product, and installed it myself in my bedroom and two bathrooms, it has been installed for a year and no separations or gaps at all, really satisfied with the product. I am a first time do it yourself installer of laminate products.


That's pretty much what happens when you buy cheap 8mm laminate. I work with a lot of flooring and every time I

run into 8mm laminate we have a problem of some kind.

Get yourself some good 12mm laminate and don't look back.

to Anonymous Cicero, Illinois, United States #769458

***! I just purchased 750 square feet of this same exact laminate yesterday.

Is there a chance that you just got a bad batch?? I can't imagine all 8 mm laminate is unusable.

to Anonymous #1452794

Give layed over 700 square feet of this craps in the last 2 weeks and its the worst flooring I've ever seen. Warped out of the box and will not click together properly.

They get the flooring no one else wants I just learned. Never again!

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