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Bamboo flooring purchased at and installed by Lumber Liquidators. 6 months later we have gaps between floor boards, cracks and loose flooring.

An independent reviewer said that it was likely due to faulty installation but also noted that our humidity was at 60% (instead of the recommended 30-50%). NO ONE would attribute SHRINKING and CRACKING to high humidity. Lumber Liquidators will not repair the flooring because they are saying it is due to high humidity. Even an *** won't believe that.

Add to this the 6 months it took for LL to come up with this position, poor and delayed customer service responses. I'd rather double my cost in the future rather than trust my most valuable asset to this company.

Don't let them screw with your home. Email me if you want details…

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.


I didn't like: Customer servicde, Product, Did not stand behind product or installation.

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I appreciate the comments. However, we monitored the humidity levels in the home and had no issues.

And, 12 months earlier, we installed another hard wood floor and have had NO ISSUES.

So from our perspective, the problem is with the bamboo floor from Lumber Liquidators and with their installation. I maintain - DO NOT BUY HERE: DO NOT EXPECT ANY LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE>


LL Response to Bamboo Flooring Concerns:

Education around the care of any installed flooring can often be critical to reaching a happy customer experience. Once received in your home, the interior maintenance of RH / Temp is the responsibility of the homeowner as any flooring seller does not control your interior conditions and the warranty is clear regarding proper maintenance.

The reports conclusion can be found below and the last note in the file states that the installer will correct any installation related issues. Proper maintenance of the homes RH/ Temp is a necessity before repairs can be made, so while this is not how we wish to educate others about the importance of proper floor care, NO MATTER WHERE YOU SOURCE FLOORING cared for this way will result in problems the seller is not responsible to fix. The conclusion of the third party report is as follows....

Conclusion: Site Related Issues:

The floor, based on six (6) board set measurement, has shrunk on an average of 15/64" every 29

5/8" on the width side.

Based on the 26 l/f run from one (1) end of the installation to the other the

floor has shrunk about 2.65". Since the floor did not have any gaps or cracks when installed there is an issue within the home's environment causing these issues. Humidity levels were high during inspection and cannot be determined what the levels have been during the past six (6) months. It is the consumer's responsibility to keep the environment of the home within manufacturer's standard guidelines.

Refer to the invoice, manufacturer’s warranty/installation instructions. Installation Related Issues: The two (2) humps in the floor were not installed properly. The contractor should have embedded the planks in the glue in the living room where is compressed and he should have addressed the hump in the kitchen area before installation. Refer to the invoice, installation instructions and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Conclusions indicating installation issues may or may not be covered by time sensitive installation-related warranties. Check with your installation service for specifics. Manufacturing Related Issues: There were no manufacturing related issues present.

We regret to hear this happened and will continue working with the customer to resolve the installation related concerns per the warranty.

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