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Flooring cupping , never installed moister barrier , called and complained and they say its a in home site issue , this way they are not responsible .

30 year warranty ,no it isn't ! Install company doesn't work for them anymore and coarse it took 3 months before anyone came out to see floor , then he said they have cheap product and it would happen again .

The company came back and said its a site issue with in the home and we should told them when we ordered the floor we needed moister barrier , i didn't know we needed to be flooring experts to have a floor put in by these people .Lesson learned ,if its cheaper then quality of workmanship most be cheaper too! Don't waste your money , shop else were!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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LL Response to Cupping

Very sorry to hear your flooring has cupped. Moisture barriers are a requirement for almost every type of floor and while we sell moisture vapor protection (MVP), some customers may already be in possession of these items and it's not a requirement for a sales person to add this to your invoice.

The stores discuss the need as part of their presentation, not to mention this is clearly noted on the warranty and install instructions as a necessity. A flooring installer is ultimately responsible for providing this feedback when hiring an installation firm. If he / she failed to apply this protection, or you rejected this as part of the installation, the cupping situation is not covered by the warranty, in fact no seller of flooring products does and this is not an issue where the seller is at fault. Cupping results from imbalance from moisture below the flooring compared to the top of the boards.

The absence of any MVP will most certainly result in cupping. It would make perfect sense to pursue the installer locally through legal channels if necessary, but make sure the issue as to how the flooring ended up installed with no MVP is clear.

If this was mentioned and refused by you, there is no one else to blame and this case further supports our need for people to read the warranty to avoid this type of issue from happening regardless of whether you hire an installer, or do it yourself the warranty will help you avoid a headache. Sorry this happened.

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