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After reviewing the complaints on several sites, I decided that the Corporation as a whole has the same pat answers and attitude that Mike had. I will not waste any more of my time discussing any issues with Lumber Liquidators. So my complaint follows;

Picked up my online order, Jan 2013; I counted the boxes and thought I was 1 short but the staff person and my assistant said the load was complete. I trusted there counts, which was incorrect when I got home. The store did not honor the missing box and claimed that their inventory was “spot on”. Mike said that He had to protect the store from people ripping them off.

This was my first and last time doing business with Lumber Liquidators, (1205 Warren Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002), and will tell my family/friends not to use any of their locations. (By the way there are 3 construction companies in our family, but all out of state). The customer service was lousy and sarcastic! It was not the money but the trust... Mike's comment was you signed for it (repeated several times) and He had such a pat answer for everything. No, it did not fall off the truck nor did I want an extra box. I would bet that your inventory is "spot on" when any customer complains about a shortage, because you must protect the store, from customers trying to rip you off. I could not imagine that Mike would actually help a customer and swap out damaged product. That is based on Mike's condescending tone throughout the conversations.

As I TOLD YOU MIKE, I RECORDED OUR CONVERSATIONS AND HAVE SENT COPIES TO MY FRIENDS AND RELATIVES :-) You will never know how much business that you have lost over a 30/40 dollar (approx) box of product.

I had 18 damaged boards out of 14 boxes(8 per box) remember I was also short 1 box, so I just extended my ceramic tile, to make up for the missing/damaged boards. With not even 1 spare board left over I will eagerly rip up the entire floor and buy new product from Home Depot or Lowes, in the event that it is damaged for any reason, before I would ever deal with Lumber Liquidators or any of their reps. Mike’s attitude is to blame for my distrust, of Lumber Liquidators you only get to insult me once and imply that I intentionally tried to steal from you or your business!

Dishonest retailer!

If you have to buy flooring do not buy from them but, no matter whom you buy from check everything out before taking the product home, open every box!! ; Otherwise, most will charge you a restock fee, but not Lowes or Home Depot.

Remember you signed for it, as Mike explained to me, several times! He must think that all customers are going to try and rip him off, what an attitude.

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Voorhees Township, New Jersey, United States #743610

Yes that store is the worst and people working there are lazy and bitter.

I have been done with them for years.

Home Depot or Lowes is the way to go.

Never a problem with lowes or homedepot exchanging product or replacing damaged product. Like night and day.

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