Trufant, Michigan
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Thoroughly disgusted with Lumber Liquidators. We put their flooring throughout our entire house to make cleaning easier sing I have Parkinsons and can no longer push a vacuum.

Every piece is 'cupping' so badly that none of the seams are flat. After following their instruction of sending photos and paperwork we received a packet claiming that our humidity is too high. We had already confirmed that we do not run a humidifier and do not live in a high humidity area. No one came to check our humidity so how could they possible make this determination.

Seems they just pick a random letter and mail it out. Doesn't matter if it really has anything to do with the problem or not.

Next call is to the Better Business Bureau. Avoid using their products at all costs!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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LL Response to Cupping issue

It's always frustrating to hear about a cupped floor. Sorry this happened.

Cupping is not a manufacturing defect and NO seller or manufacturer covers issues with a cupped floor because this is avoidable, and even though you stated everything was done properly, the presence of a wavy cupped floor is a direct reaction to an imbalance of moisture / temperature from the bottom of the boards to the top. This is solely a consumer issue to control avoiding a cupped condition. The instructions are clear about proper floor care and no seller controls your interior conditions. I have a Braz.

Pecan wood floor and I'm most careful about my settings for heating / air, temperature control, how the floors are cleaned, and when I can, and cannot open my windows to avoid creating an imbalance. Wood is hydroscopic and takes in, and releases moisture.

It's a hard lesson to learn after the fact, but the posting sounds like we conducted a thorough review and the outcome is a cupped floor. You can find information on LL's website under FLOORING 101 on how to mitigate this problem.

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