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We purchased over 700 square feet of bamboo flooring, including installation, from Lumber Liquidators in August 2012. The salesman told us that the bamboo flooring we were looking at was harder and more durable than traditional hardwood and would be a better fit for our home and our family than the traditional hardwood. We also went through Lumber Liquidators for the installation. At the time LL was offering 24 months same as cash, so we financed our purchases through their program with GE Capital. The installation process was started on September 25th, 2012. The installers were careful with the product as they were taking it out of the boxes and preparing for the install. After inspection of the installed flooring we found numerous defects involving splinters, breaks, cracks and the finish peeling off. We also found that this floor scratches and dents easily. As we and the installers walk on it, we frequently hear it cracking.

Here is a descriptive account of the time-line:

• August 2012; 706 square feet of the Morning Star 5/8" x 3 3/4" Carbonized Stranded Bamboo flooring and underlayment were purchased from Lumber Liquidator’s

• September 08 – 09, 2012; had picked up Bamboo flooring and underlayment. Materials delivered directly to the home and placed in the dining room area.

• September 25, 2012; Amera-Kora begins with the removal of the existing floors from within the front entry foyer, foyer hall way, living room, dining room and family room areas.

• September 26, 2012; Tear out is completed. Starter rows are established and racking begins. we points out boards that had a light coloration to their ends and requested they be moved to the outer edge of the floor where they would be less conspicuous.

• September 27, 2012; Racking is substantially completed. Nailing begins. At the end of the day the majority of the floor is installed with the exception of approximately 100 square feet to be completed. After the installers had left for the day, we notice three boards in the living room that show chipping and splitting.

• September 28, 2012; when the installers arrive at our home to finish the job, I then point out to the installers the three boards discovered the night before. The installer and I carefully go over the remaining installed flooring and discover other boards that show similar issue. Amera-Kora stops the installation and calls are placed by myself and Amera-Kora to Lumber Liquidator’s and HSS in reporting the flooring matter.

• September 29, 2012; Amera-Kora arrives and begins marking boards that exhibit chipping and splitting with blue painters tape to reference the floors current condition. It said that approximately ten to twenty boards throughout had shown forms of chipping and/or splitting. Amera-Kora assists t us with moving furniture back into the rooms and temporary door transitions were installed until the floor could be inspected. I also contacted LL to express concern over having a bill due with GE and the condition of our floors. I was unwilling to pay for the product and services considering the conditions. A supervisor with LL told me he didn't care if I didn't pay GE because LL had already received their money and GE would come after us for payment. At that time I called GE and told them what was going on and they filled a dispute on my account.

• Over the next several days the chipping and splitting are noticeably increasing throughout the installation and Lumber Liquidator’s is notified of the increasing effect.

• Lumber Liquidator’s requests that all the uninstalled material be brought to their store for evaluation. In mid October we return one unopened box of Bamboo flooring and seventy one loose boards to the Lumber Liquidator’s store in Fairview Heights Illinois.

• Over the next two weeks the splitting and chipping is said to have continued to increase. I call Lumber Liquidator’s to again report the floors changing condition and to find out the status of Lumber Liquidator’s evaluation of the material that had been returned. Lumber Liquidator’s representative Barbra S. takes my information, states she will look into it and get back with her.

• Towards the end of October Barbra S. from Lumber Liquidator’s calls and states there were deficiencies found in the material that had been returned and that someone would be contacting her to arrange an inspection to the installed portion of flooring.

• November 5, 2012; Mr. Anthony Smith from Inspect Solutions had performed an inspection of the Bamboo flooring for Lumber Liquidator’s at my residence.

• November 14, 2012; Lumber Liquidator’s representative Barbra S. calls and states that they will be providing material to address the chipping and splitting issue however they would require the me to sign a settlement agreement. I again expresses my concerns with regards to the in chipping and splitting to be increasing and I state that I want all the material removed from my floors.

• November 21, 2012; calls are beginning to be received from Lumber Liquidator’s now stating that the issue with the bamboo flooring installed within her home is installation related.

• December 19, 2012; I received a copy of the November 5, 2012 inspection report prepared by Inspect Solutions. Lumber Liquidator’s is now claiming there are no deficiencies with the material as previously expressed to her by Barbra S. and the chipping and splitting are installation related.

The first dispute with GE and LL was found to be in LL's favor. I then called GE and expressed my concerns and a second dispute was filed. On January 15th, 2013 GE Capital favored with us in regards to our dispute. Our account with GE Capital now has a $0 balance however, we still have a debt for the installation and a partially installed floor that is continuing to show damage and potential danger to my children.

Due to the conflict with the report done by Inspect Solutions and LL we commissioned our own inspection. That inspection was done on December 20th, 2012 and the report was giving to LL on January 16th, 2013. At that time LL still refuses to work with us and is continuing to blame our problems on installation error.

We suggested a resolution to Lumber Liquidators however, LL refuses to work with us. Here is a copy of our resolution:

*We are willing to pay for the initial cost of the removal of the original wood flooring and carpet when said project was started. Total per invoice provided by Amera-Kora: $460.98

*We would like for the debt of the Bamboo installation through The Home Service Store and Amera-Kora be forgiven with no liability to be held against us. Total of installation and other services that were not completed per invoice provided by Amera-Kora: $2101.00

*We would like for the debt with GE Capital and/or Lumber Liquidators for the purchase of said Bamboo be forgiven with no liability to be held against us. $3465.29

*We request that Lumber Liquidators pay for the removal of said Bamboo Flooring. Estimate provided by third party. $1476.00.

*We request compensation of $782.10. This total reflects the cost of additional product purchased by us, the inspection done by Moore and Neville, and the cost of the certified letters inviting you to be present at said inspection.

After almost 4 months of getting the run around we are no closer to getting this resolved. After doing a number of searches about complaints against Lumber Liquidators I was saddened to see thenumber of others going through this exact same thing but happy as well knowing that we are not the only ones going through this. I am hopeful that someone will help us to get our home back to a fully functional home.

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1i would never use this company again 4800 in material 3100 in installation worst insall i have ever seen

San Diego, California, United States #677144

I am a San Diego contractor. I am In the process of filing a lawsuit against lumber liquidators do to failure of a project I did using their flooring.

The project resulted in the suspension of my contractor's license. I am seeking testimony of others who have experienced similar problems with this company. Please contact me if you can help with your testimony.

Thanks, Scott.

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