Merchandise was bought by their "SUBCONTRACTOR" out of Harrisburg, Pa. T&T Flooring.

The floor was installed by T&T in January, 2013, just prior to my move in. On move in day, I noticed several areas where there were large gaps between the floorboards. After SEVERAL phone calls to the T&T Sales Rep and their office, they decided to send someone to my house with 2 tubes of caulking to apply between all of the gaps. One tube was brown caulking and the second one was almond.

They attempted to convince me that this is standard practice that you would have to go back to someone's house to caulk the boards.Now that I had two different color caulking on my floor, the man ran out of caulk so he never finished what he started. By the way, the owner of the company did the initial. I worked for a facility management company for 32 years and never saw anything like this. After nearly 4 months of complaining, Tim, the owner of T&T showed up with two men with a can of wood filler and a scraper to remove the almond caulking.

They did a half-*** job and once again left the chalky mess for me to clean up. Complaints to Lumber Liquidators go unresolved. If you did not buy the product directly from them, they will not even connect you with a customer service manager. In my case the product was bought by T&T.

In order for me to get a Lumber Liquidators rep to come to my house, a call must first be placed to them by the "SUBCONTRACTOR" Another company was at my house to attest that the product is in fact defective. Because of T&T's refusal to contact them and explain that the product was defective to begin with, my situation goes unresolved. Like dozens of others that were screwed, I TOO should have done my homework and investigated both of these companies prior to my purchase. DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR AND DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH EITHER OF THESE COMPANIES.



Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Moorestown Township, New Jersey, United States #743614

Dude you bought *** flooring from the flea market of flooring companies. You tried to save a buck but got ***.

Next time goto a real flooring place and pay real prices for something no scraped off the bottom of a shoe. Enough said.

Richboro, Pennsylvania, United States #679948

When you pay for cheap *** from China you get cheap *** from china. Yes LL is a F-in joke they couldn't tell you what the moisture content of the wood they sell you is nor care.

The *** they sell is here today and gone tomorrow, no true product lines. What ever china has on sale. You got a complaint?

hop on a boat.

Shame on anyone who thinks they can get GOOD flooring for below market pricing.

Reston, Virginia, United States #661684

LL followed up with The Home Service Store and the contractor in question. Dave from T&T was told the work was fine and the gaps were minimal and found to be within tolerances.

There is some concern they may believe the bevels are part of gpas but that is how the floor looks as designed, so this may be an issue with the consumer. The contract work is independent of the affiliate installation firm and was privately contracted.

LL will take no further action other than to advise the customer to oversee the work and raise any concerns directly with the contractor. A maintenance person was making decisions from what we can tell on behalf of the owners, but this is not clear.

to LL Response __ More details Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #953280

This case heard in Civil Court in Feb, 2014 and the judgement was in favor of the plaintiff. Yes Dave as the story goes, the pictures closed the case and your testimony was proven to be worthless

Reston, Virginia, United States #661107

This is not the kind of service we EXPECT and we're equally upset to hear this happened. Caulking is NOT how you correct a gap and the installer should be working to understand what caused the gap to occur in the first place and fix it, or replace the material if the installation was the root cause.

You mentioned moving into the home, so if the home was without proper regulation of the interior temperature and relative humidity, this may have been the root cause, but we cannot know for sure without inspecting. As for affiliate installers, this is common in the building industry and when you ask a big box store to install windows the service is not performed by one of their employees rather an affiliate contractor. You can bet I'll be sharing this story with my counter parts at The Home Service store so they can discuss this case with T&T as we do not accept this kind of service and expect all affiliates to perform professional installations.

If you could write to us, or call with your information that would be best so we can help make this right. LLresponse@lumberliquidators.com

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