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Purchased 650 Sq Ft. of 1/2 x5 Schon Brazilian hardwood flooring and all material needed to install my floating floor Aug 2013.

I found a three person certified hardwood installers team and they conducted a moisture barrier test prior to the install and we where good to go. The installers couldn't have been more professional contractors and they stayed until the job was completed...what a beautiful job floors look great until mid-oct when I notice some of my boards where turning white on the edges and some boards had turned completely white and good thing I took pics and a short video after the installation. I was concerned and contacting the store for answers and was directed to call LL Hq's. After following there protocol I sent in my pics and paperwork and in just three days I was told that they would take no further actions what insult...So as a retired Soldier I made some calls and pissed off a lot of people...anyway I could go on and on about how you should stay away from LL.

They do not and I say again do not honor their so called warranty...they tried to offer me a $300 in store credit for 50% of my floors that have turned white. I only wished that this company practice under the honor system and stand behind there word...My fight isn't over by a long shot.

I wished that I could have done my research before hand what a $4,000 mistake. We all can band together strength in numbers and ran this company out of business.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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LL Response to Defective Flooring Claim:

Having reviewed your posting it would make sense to me that you're not relaying the whole story. Boards don't just turn white without something causing this reaction.

If they offered a credit it was likely for board replacement to help you correct it. As an "Anonymous Post" we can't review the case to see exactly what the details are for a thorough response so I can only make assumptions. We do stand behind our warranty, but if the "white" condition was caused by some sort of improper cleaning or other issue unrelated to a manufacturing defect we would rightfully decline to replace the entire floor and the offer of $300 tells me someone was trying to help you outside the warranty coverage as goodwill to assist a valued customer. You're more than welcomed to call Customer Care and escalate to the Director.

I'm more than happy to review the case and see if the facts support the actions, but all flooring decisions are made after careful review of facts to determine what the source of the problem is so we can assist customers. Interesting thing about wood products, care for them the wrong way and it doesn't matter who you sourced material from you can have an issue that's not a manufacturing concern, rather a site related problem out of the control of the seller. I look to hear from you soon.

Sorry to hear this happened. Make sure you follow the floor care instructions and the manufacturer’s warranty.

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