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I purchased 600 square feet of pre finished Cypress from LL and the finish started pealing within a couple of weeks. They sent an "independent inspector" out and told me it was installed wrong and to much moisture was found in the crawl space.

They offered me two boxes of flooring. I told them I was insulted by the offer, and will probably end up in court. I had an unopened box of flooring, that is now pealing too. Two other flooring companies, confirmed that the finish was defective.

Now I will have to pay $2500.00 to a flooring company to sand and refinish the floor, or rip it all out and purchase flooring from another company.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Reston, Virginia, United States #652582

Sorry to hear this happened, however it's important to note that the presence of a "finish issue" well after installation is a sign something else is at play as the inspector uncovered during the onsite inspection. The offer of boxes is to help with repairs considering we clearly note the need to protect the crawl space and this was ignored and happens to be a requirement in moist areas for a proper installation.

The "insult" as you noted was a courteous offering to help repair the damaged areas we viewed and once you correct the underside of the home the entire floor did not need to be replaced. If you continue this way ingoring the underside of the home you will need the entire floor replaced over time and sanding and refinishing will be a regular event in your home until you control the source of the problem. We can only share advice, but you must act on it. If the case does go to court a decision will be made using facts and the dissatisfaction could have been avoided by simply following the instructions.

Its unfortunate you feel this is our fault, but we do not apply products to the crawl space and this protection is a homeowner need to insure proper installation to avoid damaging the floor.

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